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More About Charlie by Matthew Zink Swimwear
Luxury brands in the men’s swimwear are debuting fast and furious all over. What makes one brand stand out over others is sometimes in the details, in the direction, and in the dedication. One brand that has managed to cultivate a following with their unique approach is Charlie by Matthew Zink Swimwear. The brand, which encompasses womenswear as well, has carved out a niche market in men’s swimwear by perfecting the look and feel of the men’s bikini.

Everyone knows the 80s are back. But what about other eras? The 70s get a chance to shine too in the Charlie by Matthew Zink collection. Using images and people from these eras that still stand the test of time, this line is distinct, unforgettable, and timeless in a way that speaks to the mainstream without alienating their core base.

The brand is cutting edge and designed to celebrate the male form in a way that is elegant and eye-catching. They continue to produce top quality swimwear for men that know that the devil is in the details.