If we’re being honest, we all have a drawer full of underwear and we probably only bounce between 5-6 pairs. So, why would you feel the need to buy more? Well, the answer to the question of ‘How Often Should You Buy New Underwear’ varies. Just because your underwear isn’t visibly falling apart at the seams doesn’t mean that it’s not time to replace them. 

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It can be difficult to know when to throw away a pair of old underwear. Or, maybe, you didn’t even realize that your underwear is old until reading this article! That’s fine. We’re here to help explain everything. Between them losing their fit, the fabric breaking down, and changes in your body and lifestyle, and even how to wash your underwear so it lasts longer!

How do I know it’s time to replace my underwear?

They’ve lost their fit. 

If your underwear no long fits your body as it did when you first bought them. For example, the don’t fit as snuggly, you constantly have to pull them up, the leg holes are stretched out. Those are all notions to get a new pair of underwear. It means they’ve lost their elasticity and they’re now beyond repair. This is a natural occurrence is most underwear.

The fabric is breaking down. 

The color is faded in certain parts that have the most friction. Or, the fabric is beginning to tear or fall apart in other areas. Holes forming along the waistband or anywhere else is a good example of needing a fresh pair of underwear. Underwear expert has a vast range of styles and fabrics that can guide you to what’s best for your day-to-day activities.

Your body has changed. 

Bodies changing is natural. Certain times of the year we are eating far more than others and we aren’t meant to stay the same shape forever. Regardless of the reason, whether it’s a summer cut or a winter bulk, or anywhere in between, your underwear should fit comfortably! And, chances are that as your body changes, there comes a need for new underwear.

They aren’t comfortable. 

This should be a given. If what you are wearing isn’t comfortable, why wear it? Comfort should be the number one goal when buying new underwear. And, at underwear expert, it’s easy to find a pair (or two) that is sexy and comfortable! Not to mention you should enjoy the underwear you’re buying.

Your style has changed.

Maybe we’ve left the boxer brief’s stage, or the jockstrap phase and need a new fit. Maybe you’re looking for more comfort? Underwear expert prioritizes confidence, comfort and versatility in what underwear you wear. The underwear you purchase and wear should be a reflection of who you are and what makes you feel confident.

underwear, how often should you buy new underwear, underwear expert, underwear advice, advice, briefs, male model


Synthetic: Polyester, Satin, Spandex, etc.

If you are wearing any underwear with synthetic fabrics, you will need to replace them more often. This is because, due to their lack of breathability, they trap moisture and have an increase chance of developing bacteria.

Natural: Cotton, wool, bamboo, etc.

Compared to synthetic underwear, natural fabrics breathe, allowing your southern region to air out and stay dryer. Because of this, natural underwear can last longer. 

Check out our comprehensive Underwear Fabric Glossary

How Often Should I Buy New Underwear?

Stylists and fashion experts recommend that you should be replacing underwear every 6 to 12 months. But, this can vary with the quality of underwear that you are purchasing. The higher the quality and durability, the longer you can hold off on buying another pair.

When thinking of the next pair to buy, your daily activities should be taken into account. Not all underwear is created equally and with the same care. Depending on if you are walking all day or seated in an office, the fabric you choose to wear might determine if you go home with chaffing or not.


underwear, how often should you buy new underwear, underwear expert, underwear advice, advice, briefs, male model

How to Make Underwear Last Longer

Always read Underwear Washing Instructions. Depending on the types of delicate underwear you have, you may want to wash certain items by hand. This could include things or items that have lace. All of these items will need a little extra care if you want them to last. It doesn’t need to be an intensive hand wash. A little massage to work the detergent in and them let them to soak for 45 minutes. After that, follow it up with letting them air dry to maintain their shape. 

When drying underwear that has spandex or polyester, it is best to air dry them because they can lose their elasticity faster than other fabrics. Air drying will also help them hold their shape for longer and not risk shrinking. Not to mention, if the underwear is colorful, use cold water to maintain its vibrancy for as long as possible.

The Expert Advice

So, how often should you buy new underwear? The average male rotates between the same 8-10 pairs of underwear, and in total averages between 15-20 pairs sitting in a drawer. The last thing someone wants to see if a saggy pair of underwear. Invest in a good pair of underwear every 6-12 months. Simply, switch out your underwear once a year. Whether its briefs, boxer briefs, jockstrap, etc. Feel confident in the quality and durability that comes with better made materials.

Underwear is an easy way to display who you are. Don’t be shy to have a little fun with it! Underwear expert offers every style you can imagine! Have fun with the new underwear you purchase.


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