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Men's Massagers and Toys

Personal massagers have a long history (pun intended) that dates back to ancient times. The first sex toy was discovered in a German cave and was speculated to have been used during the Ice Age. Ancient Egyptians allegedly used gourds filled with bees to create the earliest vibrator. 

In 17th century England, there were several laws regarding the manufacturing and use of sex toys. The use of massagers posed a threat to men and made them feel insecure. On the other hand, sex toys were something to celebrate and use playfully in Japanese culture. There is documentation of women shopping for and using massagers.

We know very little about the early use of toys in America due to laws prohibiting their use. However, women could purchase them through an underground market. 

With the sexual revolution of the 1960s, masturbation became acceptable and normal. Women used them as sexual liberation from men. In the 1970s, massagers became less phallic, with a smooth, colorful aesthetic. Very similar to what we know today. During the AIDS epidemic, sex toys were a safer means of penetrative sex. 

Today there is no stigma when it comes to personal massagers. It seems that everyone has their "goody drawer." Sexual exploration and masturbation can be viewed as healthy and a part of any self-care routine.

Where do the experts come in?

Well, now that we have the history, we have curated a selection of some of our favorite massagers on the market. The Black Driller by Addicted comes in two sizes: big and huge. Guaranteed to prime you for pleasure. Perfect for solo play and also for playing with others. Our Trophy Boy Rainbow Rainbow Boy Dildo can help you take pride in your pleasure. Whether you need something for solo play or something to spice up your bedroom time with a partner, we have something for you!