Pineapple juice not cutting it? We’ve all been there, asking the question, ‘How can I cum more’? Whether for our own appeal or to show off to a partner. Popstar is a revolutionary, patented supplement created by two of the country’s top urologists specializing in sex medicine. For instance, it’s also the first supplement that focuses on the holistic health of semen. Meaning, Popstar supports sperm health, promotes sperm volume, and even enhances the taste of semen. Which just means bigger and better tasting cum shots.

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Created by two men’s sexual health physician’s, Joshua Gonzalez, MD and Brian Steixner, MD, Popstar is designed for men’s health. Designed with all-natural and high-quality ingredients, Popstar’s Volume + Taste Enhancer is to help you cum more with only the best stuff! Tested by third party labs for purity, quality and efficiency, it has been studied to help you get that ‘money shot’. That’s just the long way of telling you that Popstar is the real deal.

Where Did the for Popstar Idea Cum From?

The idea for Popstar arose naturally. As men age, the quality and volume of their semen decreases. Gonzalez and Steixner studied numerous clinical studies that show the decline in sperm quality throughout the last few decades. So, when researching and developing their product, they weren’t just looking for the added benefit of better tasting semen. Which, I don’t think anyone is complaining about. But Popstar developed the supplement to produce better semen, better sperm motility and a more of it!

Popstar's supplements are created with the intention of holistically improving sperm health. In comparison, the brands that came before them only created products meant for optimizing the number of sperm. And, they used ingredients that had little to no evidence that they actually worked. That is why Popstar was created with ingredients that are all scientifically proven. 

More Volume

What is seminal volume? Seminal volume is the amount of semen that is ejaculated. The fluids that make up semen volume come from several different sexual glands and organs. Namely the seminal vesicles, prostate and testicles. For instance, Peak semen volume is produced between the ages of 30-35 and volume reaches is lower after 55 years. More volume doesn’t just look better, it feels better to cum more. The only drawback is the cleanup, but I think you can overlook that. But be careful, because you could take an eye out.

Better Taste

Popstar’s physician created formula counter the negative effects of what you eat and drink and consume during the day. Scientific studies show that fructose is the primary sugar used by sperm for health and mobility. Moreover, by having a small source of fructose within the supplement, the increase is proposed to be the source of the sweeten flavor of semen. Which means, only making sure you’re shooting the good stuff. 

Popstar, underwear expert, cum more, how to, banana, sex advice, sex expert

Ingredients — What Makes Popstar so good?

How to Cum More

Lecithin — lipid, or fat, found in foods like sunflower seeds, soybeans and even egg yolks. Lecithin has a functional component within the cell membranes of human which activates gene-regulating receptors. Has been associated with increasing ejaculatory volume.

Pygeum — An herbal extract dervied from the bark of the African Plum Tree. The extract increases the protein composition of semen by improving the total seminal fluid and alkaline phosphate. 

For Flavor: 

Bromelain —A group of enzymes found in pineapple. Apart from having numerous immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory mechanisms and properties, it has been shown to improve the flavor of semen.

Fructose — This might sound like a random ingredient to add, but it is the primary sugar used by sperm for health and motility. Fructose also provides nutrients needed for sperm development and survival. Further, it has also been proposed that it aids in sweetening in the flavor of male ejaculate similar to Bromelain.

For Sperm Health and Motility:

Zinc – an essential mineral found in foods like shellfish, legumes, and pine nuts. Zinc is a necessary component to cellular metabolism and the activation of over 100 enzymes. Studies have shown that men with lower zinc volumes statically have poorer sperm quality, lower sperm volume and in higher risk of male infertility. At the same time, apart from improving the health of the sperm, it also benefits and supports the body’s immune health.

L-Arginine – An amino acid needed for protein production. It’s commonly found in red meat, poultry, fish and dairy products. It can improve the blood flow by converting nitric oxide which relaxes and widens blood vessels. Leading to better and stronger erections and greater sperm motility.

Therefore, Popstar is the first doctor formulated supplement designed specially to address all access of semen health including volume. It had all the ingredients included above and then some that help the others perform even better. Those added ingredients also go hand-in-hand with bettering the taste of the sperm and its overall health and fertility. Again, Popstar aids in how to cum more!

And, their ingredients are sourced from non-GMO organic sources and are combined in a vegan capsule. Popstar isn’t just looking out for thr sexual experience, but also doing their part to look out for the Earth.

Instructions on How to Cum More

For the best results, Popstar should be taken everday. The recommended dosage is two pills twice daily, each with 16 ounces of water. Equally important, but the more water, the better the outcome. Water can help activate and then later digest fiber in the body. Each bottle will last 30 days per person when taken as recommended. With most men seeing an improvement in their semen after 1-2 weeks.


It’s never a one and done thing. How to cum more? Supplements help in a lot of ways. Popstar's benefits can be aided by rounding out other aspects of your routine. Our best advice is being active! Cells are created and produced as body movement increases. This means a higher the sperm count. Diet and fluids—a lot of fluids. Water especially. Water has more benefits that just keeping the body hydrated. 

Also, this isn’t the type of supplement that has a max potency. The longer yiou take it, the greater the effects will be. So, prepare to wow your partners with bigger and better “money shots." And don't forget to ask how good it tastes.


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