Going commando. Should you do it, should you not do it? Well, its more complicated than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. But, if you have ever wanted to pass on underwear and let it all hang free, you are not the only one. Anyone can reap the benefits of ditching underwear. And, there's no real medical reason to wear it at all. In some cases, it may do more harm to your genitals than good and so it’s recommended to leave your underwear in its drawer.

It's not totally clear where the term "going commando" came from, but some say it originated during the Vietnam War. When soldiers sometimes avoided wearing underwear to prevent fungal infections when they couldn't shower. But, then the term was later made famous on the scale it is today but being use in a “Friends” sitcom episode in 1996.

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Whether its laundry day, you forgot your underwear, or you just hate the feeling of being trapped, here are some pros and cons:

Pros of Commando

Freedom of movement

If you feel that your underwear restricts your movements, going commando could allow you more freedom. Or, just let you appreciate a fresh breeze as you go about your daily life. Especially as more and more workout clothes come with a built-in liner, discarding a pair of underwear during a workout is even easier.

Reduced smell of sweat

Damp underwear isn't only a breeding ground for fungal infections — it could also lead to poor smelling pants. By not wearing underwear, you’re allowing your body to breathe more. Thus, it can help decrease any chance of added odor.

Potentially increased sperm count

Adding to the fact that a lack of underwear leads to less sweat and odor, it can also increase your quality of sperm. When your testicles become too warm, the increased temperature decreases their ability to make optimal semen. Tight underwear, like men's briefs, can hold your testes close to the body and make them warmer. Which could cut down your sperm count. So, ditching your tighty-whities may end up boosting your fertility. 

underwear, underwear expert, men, male modeling, briefs, commando

Cons of Commando

Commando Chaffing

Chaffing is probably one of the worst effects of going commando. Sometimes, going without underwear might actually leave you more open to chafing or infection. Your pants or trousers will irritate your skin when there’s no underwear between them and your skin, and will continue to do so long after you’ve stopped walking. Chaffing can also appear even if you aren’t going commando, however, if you end up wear ill-fitting underwear or are wearing the wrong underwear for a specific activity.

Lowered support

If you have a penis, you may find that going commando leaves you without as much support as you might. And, this doesn't matter if its for lounging or for the obvious active activies where some support is necessary. 

More laundry

Most of us don’t wash our pants every time we wear them. But, if commando is your thing, you will find yourself washing your pants for more often. Which means, more laundry even though you don’t have underwear to wash. And, depending on if you are wearing clothing that can only be dry-cleaned, this is a huge extra cost that could be alleviated with a small pair of briefs.

Sweat stains. By going commando, there is the added risk of sweat showing on the fabric of your pants. Especially when it comes to lighter fabrics and colors.

Sex appeal

There is nothing like a sexy pair of underwear. Not to mention, that boost in your step with a nice pair of underwear adds to your confidence! And confidence is hot. Going commando leaves you with nothing but your own devices for seduction. No matter how hot you are, a little support never hurt. Besides, there are some incredible, bulge-enhancing pouch underwear which make everything pop (including your butt).

Commando offers no protection from zippers

Without underwear serving as a protective barrier between your body and your pants, it's possible to accidentally snag your skin or pubic hair in a zipper. Ouch.


Commando or Non-Commando Tips

Choose the right detergent

The last thing someone wants is a rash or irritation on their genitals. Use quality detergent when washing your underwear and your pants if you prefer “free-balling”. Quality detergent can also assist in absorbing odors that come with the nether regions.

Wear clean underwear every day

 It may go without saying, but changing your underwear frequently is a good idea. Experts recommend to change your underwear at least once per day. Twice if you live an active lifestyle or have the natural tendency to sweat. This can help cut on unwanted odor and keep unwanted bacteria.

Check out our Underwear Washing instructions video 

Times when commando is not advised!

When shopping for new clothes

Do you plan on hitting the mall to try out some new pants? You'll definitely want underwear to avoid exposing your genitals to other people's bacteria. Many stores also have policies that require you to wear underwear when trying on certain clothes, like swim bottoms. 

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Commando Not for You? Here’s How to Choose the Right Underwear:

Underwear preference all depends on what you might be doing! Are you working out, are you lounging, or are you working at a desk all day? Each activity might have a type of underwear that is best suited for it.

Opt for cotton

It is recommended to buy 100% cotton underwear. By far, it is more breathable than other fabrics and allows for better air circulation. Other fabrics that are commonly seen are nylon, spandex, or polyester. They fabrics however are knowing to limit breathability and trap extra moisture close to your genitals.

The Expert Opinion 

When you do wear underwear, stick with cotton, avoid a tight fit, and change it daily. And, by wearing underwear, you’ll make foreplay even more fun! It allows the tease and the seduction to continue. By not wearing underwear, you are left with no opportunity to have added fun!