Discover the Secret to Feeling Irresistible Every Day
Introducing Underwear Expert, the underwear subscription that infuses your everyday with quality that can’t be denied and charm that's impossible to resist.
Each pair is curated by our experts to make you look and feel your very best.
Introducing Underwear Expert, the underwear subscription that infuses your everyday with quality that can’t be denied and charm that's impossible to resist.
Each pair is curated by our experts to make you look and feel your very best.
Curated Selection
Right Fit, Every Time
No Strings Attached
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  • no-image Curated Selection Tailored to Your Taste
  • no-image That Just-Right Fit, Every Time
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1. Not a Mystery Box, Choose What You Get
Say goodbye to surprises and hello to intentional choices. Our selections are anything but a mystery, offering you curated picks designed to match your preferences perfectly.
  • no-imageTake Control: choose what you want in each box
  • no-imageOr Give Up Control: leave that work to us and let us surprise you
2. 100% Perfect Fit, Thanks to Proprietary Sizing Tech
no-image 97% People Found Their Fit Perfect
Our sizing tech is a testament to two decades of dedicated research and scrutiny over thousands of pairs. The result? Unrivaled comfort — each pair guarantees a buttery-soft feel and a flexible fit that moves effortlessly with you all day. Experience the pinnacle of comfort and high-performance.
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3. Curated Excellence From 50+ Hand-Picked Brands
Discover new brands, try new designs, and elevate your style with products curated from around the world. Our expert panel hand-picks every pair based on your personal preferences.
Be a part of the club with unbeatable benefits:
no-image 30% Off first Box
no-image Serious Discounts
no-image Up to 5x Retail Value
no-image Cool, Cute & Everything
4. Discreet Delivery For Privacy And Don't Judge The Box By Its Cover
Discreet packaging not only protects your privacy, but adds an element of surprise as you unearth what’s inside. Whether you shop for new pairs to feel sexy in, athletic performance, or next-level comfort, having ‘em shipped to your door in a discreet box offers a private, no-fuss shopping experience. We’ll leave the showing off to you.
5. Elevate Your Confidence with Exceptional Underwear
no-image Rated 4.5 by 150,000+ customers
Well-fitting, flattering underwear enhances your body image and gives a boost to more than just your member. It's a subtle practice of self-care, making you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Whether it's a special occasion or an ordinary day, the right underwear can empower you to face the world with poise, self-assurance, and support.
6. Exclusive 30% Discount That You’ll Find Nowhere Else
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Our vendor relationships mean that members reap more rewards. We give you the best value for your money on a wide range of apparel, lifestyle, and wellness brands.
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Meet Michael Kleinmann, Our Underwear Guru!
Meet Michael Kleinmann, the visionary behind Underwear Expert. In 2001, Michael pioneered online underwear shopping with Freshpair, achieving immense success and even creating National Underwear Day. Transitioning to Underwear Expert in 2015, Michael leveraged over two decades of expertise to curate comfort, confidence, and undeniable cool in every pair.
Join a Club with no strings
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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Have a question? We have the answer!

How does the subscription work, and can I customize my selections?

Yes, our subscription is flexible. You can easily modify, pause, or cancel your orders at any time. Additionally, you have the freedom to change styles, colors, or brands based on your evolving preferences.

What sets Underwear Expert apart from other subscription services?

Underwear Expert stands out for its meticulous curation by industry thought leader Michael Kleinmann. Leveraging over two decades of experience, our team ensures each selection is distinctive, cool, and tailored to your personal style, fit, and size preferences.

Can I trust the sizing recommendations for a perfect fit?

Absolutely. Our proprietary sizing technology, honed through 10 years of research and over 8000 underwear reviews, guarantees a 100% perfect fit. We take the guesswork out of sizing to ensure your comfort is our top priority.

What brands can I expect in my subscription?

We curate selections from the top 50 global brands, ensuring top-tier quality. Each underwear undergoes 7+ tests to meet our high standards, promising a collection that exceeds expectations.

How discreet are the deliveries, and can I preview my order before shipment?

Our deliveries are designed for privacy and convenience. You can preview your order up to 48 hours before shipment to ensure it aligns with your preferences. Discreet packaging ensures your unboxing experience is as private as you desire.

Tell me more about Michael Kleinmann's role in selecting the underwear.

Michael Kleinmann, our founder, is an industry authority with a keen eye for underwear perfection. Brands trust his insights, and he personally handpicks styles, ensuring each pair meets his exacting standards. It's his touch that adds that unmistakable coolness to every selection.

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