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There’s something about a good pair of underwear on a good slice of man that really just gets us going, you know? We know we aren’t alone in that. When it comes to sparking our imaginations about how good a well-fitting pair of underwear might look on our bodies, a flat-lay photo just doesn’t cut it. That’s where underwear models come in.

That’s why we decided to show some love to some of our favorite underwear models right now, whether they’re tens of campaigns deep or only coming onto the scene. Happy viewing!

Shomari Francis

It’s been hard to miss Shomari Francis’s meteoric rise to underwear model stardom, but let’s bring you up to speed if you haven’t been introduced yet. The 6’1” model, TikToker, and certified Instagram baddie is repped by Soul Artist Management and Pretty Men Management (how telling), and boasts a sizable 114K Instagram followers as of press time.

What makes him a favorite of ours and, most recently on the underwear scene, brands like 2(X)IST? Well, he’s got: a beautiful, pearly smile; impeccably nice hair (let us in on what conditioner you use, king); an incredibly chiseled physique; and a beauty mark above his left eyebrow that puts Marilyn to shame. Plus, the man’s got genuinely good taste in music, per his public Spotify playlists, and has a killer smolder. What’s not to love?

With a 32” waist, we reckon Shomari wears a medium, maybe a small in the underwear department. A 32-inch waist straddles that small-to-medium line when it comes to menswear sizing, so if your waist size is the same as Shomari’s, we recommend you size up to medium when in doubt.

De’Laney Ortiz

Whether he’s modeling for Parke & Ronan, 2(X)IST, or the Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2022 collection, De’Laney Ortiz is always looking good. When he’s not splashing the pages of “GQ Middle East,” De’Laney is TikToking, doing stand-up (Who doesn’t love a man that can make them laugh?), and being hot on boats, it appears via Instagram. The range!

As a model, he’s been shot by Karen Schröder for “Wonderland Magazine,” Remí Lamandé for YUASA DNA Spring 2020, Brendan Wixted for “Man of Metropolis,” Jack Pierson for “King Kong Magazine,” and more. A favorite of ours is his Spring 2022 “Hercules Magazine” shoot, shot by Casper Kofi. At 18.6K followers on Instagram as of press time, De’Laney is definitely one to watch. He is repped by Next in New York and Select Model Management in Paris.

Mason McKenrick

At a hulking 6’3” with a 32-inch waist, UDFA NFL player Mason McKenrick is an absolute dreamboat of an underwear model and a linebacker. You might recognize him from his year-end 2(X)IST campaign, but he’s a seasoned model who’s landed the cover of Desnudo Homme, has donned Moschino and Dsquared2 in recent years, and who recently lit up an editorial called “The Brotherhood” for “Male Model Scene.” On the football front, he was PreSeason All American in both 2016 and 2017 at John Carroll. Plus, he was named Gene Slaughter Most Outstanding Linebacker in 2016 and 2017. Brawn and beauty! (And, talk about a jawline.)

With 65.8K followers on Instagram, Mason’s online presence is typified by some seriously cool street-style fits and showing love to his girlfriend. He’s also the kind of guy to play in a puddle on a city street, and we can always get behind a man who lets his inner child out and doesn’t take himself so seriously! Case in point? He’s not afraid to try to skateboard, even if he didn’t get “the skater gene.” Ride on! He is repped by Next Models, Sight Management Studio, Scouts Honour Management, and DT Model Management.

Todd Sanfield

You can’t talk about underwear models without talking about Todd Sanfield. Owner of his own underwear and swimwear brand, Todd sure knows how to sell it. With one of the most ripped bodies out there — come on, the definition of those abs! — and 273K followers on Instagram as of press time, he’s a standout model as much as he’s a standout seller.

In the past seven days alone, he’s posted a whopping 16 shots modeling his underwear, and we’re not mad! Who’s doing it like he is? We, for one, welcome you to the world of tiny briefs and even tinier thongs that is his online presence. Also, the man’s always at the beach, so it shouldn’t surprise that he’s got an enviable tan.

Logan Swiecki-Taylor

If you keep up with all things Rufskin, chances are you’ve seen Logan Swiecki-Taylor’s face (and chiseled bod) at least once or twice. A certified Rufskin muse, Logan has modeled what feels like a boatload of Ruskin’s inventory over the years, with his long hair flowing in all sorts of nature-y vistas. From daring thongs to low-cut briefs and even shorts, it appears there isn’t a thing he can’t make look sexy.

He’s also got a penchant for reading, it seems, given how much he quotes authors like Walt Whitman. We think this quote from Jack Kerouac that he’s shared seems to describe his outdoorsy vibe on Rufskin shoots beautifully: “Happy. Just in my swim shorts, barefooted, wild-haired, in the red fire dark, singing, swigging wine, spitting, jumping, running — that's the way to live. All alone and free in the soft sands of the beach by the sigh of the sea out there, with the Ma-Wink fallopian virgin warm stars reflecting on the outer channel fluid belly waters." You can find Logan on Instagram, where he boasts 58.5K followers as of press time.

Benjamín Leonardo

Benjamín Leonardo first caught our attention modeling Rufskin’s Senior Calkini in an editorial for Issue 273 of “DNA Magazine,” and he’s kept it ever since. Repped by Aesthetics Model Management in Paris, Benjamín is a relative newcomer to the scene with 5.5K Instagram followers as of press time. He lives in Puerto Vallarta, where it looks like he soaks up some seriously jaw-dropping views like this one on the regular (and looks red-hot while doing it). Who doesn’t love a guy with tattoos?

Antony Tran

If you keep up with Charlie by Matthew Zink, it’s hard to miss Antony Tran, who’s done at least five campaigns with the brand in recent years. Whether he’s modeling classic swim briefs in green or blue, what’s clear is that he’s an absolute babe in or out of a Charlie jock strap. With 68.6K followers on Instagram as of press time, he also seems to have mastered the highly painstaking art of keeping just the right amount of stubble.

Judging by his online presence, his personal style seems to embrace color, especially tones like pinks, purples, and oranges. He’s not afraid of a pattern, and it’s safe to say he’s worn a speedo or two. He is repped by Heffner Management in Seattle, WA.


Who doesn’t love a jock in vegan leather? Cagedjock is an adult actor and underwear model that belongs on your radar. We came to know him through a Charlie campaign and his cover of Desnudo UK, and following our way through this many tie-ups and photo shoots since (in a bubble-gum pink thong, no less) has certainly not disappointed.

Cagedjock’s personal style inspires us to think more about how we accessorize, especially when it comes to fetish gear. We love a pair that can play well in a set or with other gear, and Cagedjock has quite the collection of cuffs and jewelry to pair underwear with. We would also be remiss not to mention his ass, which is amazing, for one, but also clues us into whether or not a pair will work on men with especially big assets. 

Trevor John

Trevor John is a fine-ass man, so it’s no wonder he’s on our list of top underwear models. The guy’s got a stunning physique, a beautiful smile, and a butt that just really does justice to a thong. With 7.4K followers on Instagram, Trevor has shot for Charlie by Matthew Zink, where he’s shown off some seriously impressive tan lines. (Don’t believe us? Look for yourself.)


Following along with your favorite underwear models (and style stars, period) is a great way to see what’s hot underwear-wise, plus how to style it. You don’t have to be as fit as one of these male models to know you’ll look damn good in something they’re wearing. We love to ooh and aah over underwear models as much as the next guy, but remember to love the skin you’re in, too! Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, as do underwear.

Enjoying all this eye candy? Take a pair of these underwear for a spin! With our subscription box, you can curate exactly what you want, when you want it. That way, you’ll always look a cut above the rest in seriously stylish duds.

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November 02, 2022 — MICHAEL KLEINMANN

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