It’s an art form. You’re not just eating anything, you’re eating ass. And, it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight or in between, you may need some pointers. Number 1: We don’t tolerate tops that don’t eat ass. It feels far too good to pass up and your partner didn’t go through the clean-out process so you wouldn’t rim them. There’s a technique to it. Yeah, sticking your tongue right in is easy. But we aren’t going for easy, we’re going for pleasure. So, how do you eat ass and make them feel incredible? 

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Whether you call it butt munching, tossing salad, a full course meal, peaches, cake, or eating the booty like groceries, it all means the same thing. Now, where did all these names come from? Wasn’t it taboo to eat ass? Gay men have always been sticking their faces where they don’t belong, it’s only fitting that everyone else is finally following suit. Perhaps because it was once so taboo, that is why is has become so mainstream. We always want to do what we are told not to.

Tease ‘em and Please ‘em

It’s not just about the hole, so don’t just go straight for the finish line. Who doesn’t like a little tease? A little lip bite? Well, instead of biting your lip, give their butt cheek a little bite as your hands are massaging them. They’re going to be teasing you in a cute pair of underwear, so tease them by playing with their entire booty. Grab their butt. Spank it. Wiggle it. Bite it.

What’s the saying: ‘It’s all about the journey’? Enjoy the build-up. Watch how your partners body moves. After a moment of massaging their butt, spread their cheeks and spit—or let your saliva fall—onto the top of their crack and watch it drip down. Slowly massaging and rubbing it around their anus. Then begin to lick around and around, gradually making your way towards their hole. Lick around the anus and tease them until their hips are begging you. Drive them crazy. That’s when you can drive your tongue in. Pulling the cheeks apart and then let go and feel them slap against your face—that’s insanely hot.

Switch up the surface area of your tongue. Keep ‘em on their toes—metaphorically. Light licks with the tip of your tongue. Writing your name along their butthole. Circling the anus like you’re licking an ice cream cone. Laying the entirety of the top of your tongue and licking up and down. Dragging all the way from front to back.

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Best Positions for Eating Ass, Rimming

Spread Eagle

Certain positions bring a different energy to rimming. Or allow the giver better access to the goods. A personal favorite is spread eagle. The same position when performing traditional oral sex. However, now you’re a few inches lower. In this position, their legs can be up in the air. For even deeper access, a pillow can be added under their lower back which can help open up their pelvis and give you a better angle. This is the best position if you want to take a little more control and hold their legs back. It’s also far more comfortable with a pillow under their back—so it’s a win-win. Not to mention that you can look up at them while you’re feasting, which is incredibly hot.

Doggie Style

An easy go-to; this is a great position for everything being on full display. The only downside is that your partners face is down and you can’t see how much they’re enjoying it.

Face-sitting and 69

Face-sitting is another great way to get between their cheeks. Depending on which way they’re facing, you can look up at them. In this position, the bottom also has more control and can ride your tongue back and forth.  

69 is another option, but it is on the bottom of my preferences. Some like the mutually beneficial position, but I like being able to focus on what I’m doing. Not to mention that depending on the set-up, 69 can get uncomfortable quickly.

Embrace the intimacy of the act and have physical contact outside of just where your face is going. All depending on the position you both are in, but holding hands while performing can heighten the act. This is perfect for spread eagle. But in doggie, wrap your hands around their thighs. Pull them onto your tongue. Confidence adds to the act. Show them how much you enjoy eating their ass.

Not new to the idea of eating ass? Have fun with it! Spice it up. Try it bent over a counter, or the back of a couch. Flavored lube or a sexy body scrub can also add another level to the experience.  

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Prepping for How to Eat Ass

If rimming is the only thing you both plan on doing, then douching or cleaning-out is unnecessary. A simple shower or the use of a wet wipe is all you need. It all depends on preference, though. For added foreplay, help them shower off. Nothing adds a little heat like showering together. If you think things will escalate, try Pure for Men Stay Ready to be bottom ready.

Eating ass after a good workout when the endorphins are flowing can be incredible. Communicate that you might want to give them a little treat after their workout. Then they can shower before the workout so all your tasting is sweat and nothing unwanted.  

Hair trimming. And I don’t just mean hair down there… Facial hair. Does your partner like scruff? Scruff or a full beard can feel incredible when getting rimmed. It adds another level of sensation especially if the top just rubs their chin around the anus. Now, depending in your preference down there, that is completely up to you! Some like it a little wild and other’s like a landscaped approach. Do what makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. That confidence can be felt.


Why would you not want to eat ass? Don’t you want to give your partner pleasure?

Do they taste good? Tell them! Let them know what you like. Did you like them wearing that sexy piece of underwear? Or, maybe you want them to wear a thong next time? The more into it you are, the more into it the bottom will be. And that will make the experience that much better when you’re both pushing the other to go deeper.