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Tank Top
The men’s tank top is a sleeveless shirt worn as undershirt, or on it’s own. As everyday wear, they are most often seen during warm weather months and in warmer weather climates. Athletes, however, use them year round, especially in track and field.

These shirts are more than sleeveless crew-necks, however. In addition to lacking sleeves, they also feature deep necks, which often rest a few inches below the top of the pectoral muscles. Tank tops are available in many brand’s basics offerings, but are also able to be made at home by cutting the sleeves off and increasing the size of the neck hole.

Tank tops are generally buttonless, collarless and pocketless, enabling them to be worn underwear dress shirts. Many men opt for the tank top because you’re not able to see the outline of the neck beneath the dress shirt. As a dress shirt undershirt, tank tops are generally ribbed and made out of cotton.