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Singlets are one-piece wrestling uniforms that have made their way into mainstream men’s underwear brands as both function, fashion and erotic items. Tight-fitting, singlets are what one might expect from a boxer brief and tank-top one piece hybrid. Generally made with ultra form fitting fabrics like spandex / lycra or nylon, they’re made so that on the mat a fellow wrestler can’t grab hold of your uniform.

Singlets are generally athletically inspired; traditionally, they were made in a team or school’s colors. The athletic design is still very much used, and almost across the board.

Men’s singlets are made in three different cuts: the high cut, the fila cut and the low cut. The high cut is designed to cover most of the chest; the fila cut is the same, but does not rise up under the arms; the low cut singlets, the most revealing of the styles, dip down to the middle of the abdomen and to the hips on the sides providing for the most movement and comfort. A thin strap runs up the back.

Singlets for men are seeing increased popularity off the mat, and have even inspired singlet swimwear.