Spring Cleaning

In a game of word association, when I hear the word “Spring”, my mind immediately goes to “cleaning”. The only thing better than saying “so long” to my parka is the deep clean that ensues come late March. There is nothing better than a deep clean, it’s almost euphoric. A chance to clean up the physical (and mental) cobwebs of Winter. A great place to start is your underwear drawer. After all, it is one of the first places you visit every day. 

Here at Underwear Expert, we are the June Cleaver of jockstraps, the Marie Kondo of unmentionables! We are here to give you all the tips and tricks to tidy your top drawer! C’mon alliteration! 

Step One:

The first step would be to open your top drawer. Look at that, you’re doing great sweetie! Keep up the amazing work! If you are anything like me, your underwear drawer is kind of a hot mess. Sometimes I can be the “sweep things under the rug” kind of cleaner. As long as people don’t see the clutter, we’re good. That being said, it could always use a jush, especially when Spring cleaning. 

Step Two:

Take all of your underwear and place them on your bed or dresser. We are going to sort the garments into two piles: “sashay away” or “shantay you stay”. Now some pairs might be an obvious no, long overdue for a lipstick mirror message. Dryer damage, overstretched waistbands, fading colors, loose threads are all red flags. 

For those items that aren’t quite as obvious, another great rule of thumb is if you’re spending more than twenty seconds on the decision, they gotta go. As Ms. Marie told us, if it doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to get rid of it. If it’s not the best pair fit, it’s time to quit! 

Ask yourself, “when was the last time I wore this?” If this is a pair you only wear on laundry day, chances are, it’s time for it to sashay away.

Step Three:

If this process has left your top drawer looking a little sparse, fret not. Underwear Expert has you covered. We have tons of options to get that dresser back to its former glory. Take inventory of what you have left. Did you happen to get rid of a ton of one style? This will let you know where you should get started when choosing your first order with Underwear Expert. Be sure to check out or Florals for Spring Style Guide for some inspo! 

Step Four:

Now that we have replaced some of the rejects, what do we do with our old pairs? Well, let’s make sure we are disposing of our old underwear responsibly, making sure they don’t end up in a landfill. Did you know that 85% of clothing ends up in a landfill, when 95% of clothes can be recycled We should be earth conscious all year round, but especially during Spring! You would never disrespect Mama Ru, so we have to show Mother Earth that same respect. Let’s make sure we are recycling our old underwear. Sure, you can’t just throw them in the blue bin with your empty hard seltzer cans, but that minimal effort to research proper methods goes a long way for our planet! 

Step Five:

Organization. Now that we have all our keepers, we can’t just shove them back in the drawer and call it a day! No ma’am! We have to organize. I like to organize mine by style. Least revealing to most revealing. Starting with jocks, to briefs, trunks, then boxer briefs. If you really want to get into it, you can even sort by color as well. Find a system that speaks to you and have fun with it. Make your unmentionables, fun-mentionables! Having a system will make it easier to plug in your newest additions when your first box arrives.

I always say if my space is cluttered, my state of mind reflects that. Spring cleaning is a way to get our heads on straight. If there has to be one thing straight about us, might as well be our heads, right? Decluttering your space will set you up for success for Summer months and the seasons to follow. The best part being is you’ll have some fresh new underwear to support you for what’s ahead! 



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