Boxers or Briefs: Hot Yoga

Set and Flow Yoga in Hollywood is the locale for this week’s more meditative installment of Boxers or Briefs: Hot Yoga, sponsored by New York’s skull & bones. DanielXMiller first finds John, a 29-year-old yogi from Dallas, Texas. John has been practicing yoga consistently for seven years. For him, yoga was a way of healing his body after growing up playing contact sports like lacrosse and rugby. Yoga keeps him active and doesn’t stress out his ailments. Daniel also talks with 26-year-old Kevin, born in Houston. Yoga is one of his true passions, and he’s been practicing for three years. It was the study of Sanskrit and philosophy during college that influenced his decision to begin a yoga practice.

Both John and Kevin tell Daniel that they prefer boxer briefs to either briefs or boxers. Boxers just don’t provide enough support for John, while briefs are too restricting for his yoga. Kevin used to be a boxer man, he says, but found them to be “vacuous.” Remember, he did study philosophy. Brands aren’t the main concern of either of our yogis. Instead, Daniel learns, comfort and performance are their focus.  Although they do have some favorite colors: for John, grey, and for Kevin, red.

In the video, you’ll see what John and Kevin wear for their yoga practice today and they discuss what their underwear says about them. You’ll learn what makes John’s underwear practical and Kevin’s revealing of who he is underneath, his inner message. You’ll also see Daniel showing us that skull & bones is indeed a brand prepared for warrior pose, and any other asana that pops up during your next yoga class.

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For more information on this brand: skull & bones

You can find this look and more Mojo Downunder at their site.

Video: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: DanielXMiller

Sponsored by skull & bones


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