Boxers or Briefs: Guys With Ink

Boxers or Briefs: Guys With Ink, sponsored by Jack Adams, presents a different approach to the popular video series, focusing on men who like to wear ink along with their underwear. DanielXMiller interviews Adam and Chris in the studio, getting the stories behind their pieces and eliciting their take on the question for which the series is named: boxers or briefs?

Adam is 36, an East Coast native, but he’s been living in Los Angeles for 10 years. The owner of Pop The Pixel, a Hollywood-based creative studio, Adam started getting tattoos at age 16. Today his body boasts five pieces, which he’s collected from New Jersey to Philadelphia, as well as in L.A. He currently has no plans for additional ink, but he does feel the urge coming on, which means it could be happening soon.

Originally from Santa Cruz, Christopher, 26, who works as luxury travel specialist, was 13 years old when he received his first tattoo in the garage of a friend. Years later, he has four pieces, most of which he acquired in Los Angeles, and he does in fact have immediate plans for more work, across his chest and up to his neck.

Chris absolutely prefers briefs, finding boxers sloppy. He likes how minimal briefs feel, especially because he has to sit at a desk all day. He likes brands that aren’t too flashy, citing Wood because they’re breathable. His underwear says he appreciates comfort and he’s laid back. Adam is a boxer brief man, Papi specifically, so much so that he buys all black boxer briefs in bulk. When he sees what he likes, he goes for it. His underwear marks him a creature of habit.

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