Base Layers 101: Kickstart AMMO Athletic

Kickstart AMMO Athletic

The impetus for Jay Cellura to found AMMO Athletic was actually quite simple. An Ohio-bred football player who was constantly searching for compression shorts that lived up to his standards for performance and comfort, Jay was continually disappointed by the broken seams and poor design of so many of the brands that he put his trust into. “We started AMMO Athletic,” he says, “because we were tired of spending our money on performance wear that doesn’t fit and starts breaking down after a few wears. AMMO is all about bringing fit, feel and performance back. No longer will flashy marketing campaigns take precedent over quality products. It’s time athletes everywhere had a new choice.”

Hence, AMMO was founded on the premise of a strong and durable product, but also one that held true to a bold but simple goal that Jay has stated for the company: “Build the most comfortable athletic gear ever.” When you help kickstart AMMO Athletic you’re helping ensure that the world of athletic-wear continues to be made in the mold of AMMO, and you’ll also receive something in return. With a pledge in the amount of $20, you’ll receive an AMMO t-shirt or tank. At the $40-level they’ll send you the AMMO Loaded 3/4 tight, and from $95-$230 there a variety of combination packs that include an array of AMMO products. Their goal is to reach $10,000 in the next 28 days.

Kickstart AMMO Athletic

AMMO’s Loaded Base Layer Short is a great place to begin introducing yourself to the brand. This product has been popular with some of the most recognizable names in health and fitness. Made in the U.S. with premium Italian fabric that resists abrasions and wicks moisture, the short has an ergonomic pouch and a trademarked High-Rise gusset that prevents chaffing, and their strength ensures that you won’t have to replace pairs after only a few months of use. The roll-resistant waistband stays up and is made of a comfortable and secure nylon/elastic blend, making these lightweight shorts ideal for wearing onto the field or during your day-to-day routine.

Kickstart AMMO Athletic

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For more information on the brand: AMMO Athletic

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