24 Hours in Aware Soho

It’s June, and the weather has turned summery in Los Angeles, which means hot, which also means that as the temperatures rise the days grow longer, so you’ve got to be prepared for a full schedule, morning to night, and maybe even back again. Fortunately, Aware Soho has all the styles and cuts you need to satisfy a jam-packed schedule in L.A., and 24 hours in Aware Soho will highlight a set of such garments appropriate for a full day’s allotment of activity.

You’ll want to leave the house in Aware Soho DAY Briefs Red, a cotton brief ideal for a hike through the Santa Monica Mountains just west of the city. Under your favorite hiking shorts, these briefs, with an ample front pouch, will stand up to Sandstone Peak, the highest point in the mountains. You’ll find some amazing vistas and native Californian fauna along the 6.1-mile hike, and the soft elastic band of these briefs won’t trouble you while you make the three-hour roundtrip.




When you get back into town, hungry, you’ll want to have Aware Soho DENIM Boxers ready. Slip your favorite jeans on over these boxer-briefs and head downtown to Flower Street’s best restaurant, Broken Spanish, where the cocktails are as spicy as chilis (check out El Gallito Valiente) and you can slink up to the bar in comfort. Made to help you seamlessly transition from your favorite denim to your favorite under-denim, this underwear is complete with a generous front pouch and a more truncated leg than other Aware Soho shorts.

Save the water for late night, and be sure to have your Aware Soho HALFMOON BAY Speedos Sailor, seen above. Part of the Aware Soho Brazil collection, this stylish speedo features removable front padding, to used at your discretion, depending on how the day went. Whether you make it back to beach or hit the pool at home, this speedo will fit you like a glove, lift your backside, and ensure you end the night on the right note.

Thanks for spending 24 hours in Aware Soho. Let us know how Aware Soho keeps you covered all day and night in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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