Stonemen, Welcome To The Underwear Club

There’s no underwear brand quite like Stonemen. The brand first came onto the underwear scene with their photo-realistic prints and have since expanded into more traditional – yet innovative – underwear designs. And what’s even better is that Stonemen’s unique designs are only applied to modern cuts of underwear. Perfect for our always of-the-moment Underwear of the Month Club.

We added Stonemen to our Underwear of the Month Club because they fill a gap in the underwear market that no other brand does. Stonemen sticks to the three classic men’s underwear styles – trunks, briefs and boxer briefs – and designs them to be contemporary and attention-getting. Whether it’s one of the photographic pairs or one of the brand’s basics, everyone notices a man in Stonemen. But it’s the brand’s digital prints that really steal the show.

Stonemen’s digital prints are created by photographers and other artists, bringing a newfound sense of adventure to your underwear drawer. And because of how Stonemen designs their underwear, their printed pairs wrap you in a seamless, continuous image. We like to think of Stonemen as a brand for casual, artistic types with a sense of style. It’s creative comfort at its best.








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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Alexander Command

Feature Image: Stonemen Shady Palms Trunk


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