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Obviously underwear is designed to give you the confidence to look your best and provide definition to your natural shape, while eliminating the need to adjust yourself throughout the day. Obviously undershirts are also designed to give you the confidence to look your best and provide definition to your natural shape, while eliminating annoying itching and scratching for an effortless wear. Together both of these undergarments create a wonderful underwear wearing experience. Not only do they look great together, but they feel great together, making your day that much easier. What you wear under your clothes is the fundamental basis for how you feel, luckily Obviously has a great selection of undershirts and underwear to mix and match from.

One great pairing of Obviously undershirts and underwear is the Essence Crew Neck Short Sleeve with the Essence AnatoFREE Boxer Brief. The Essence Crew Neck Short Sleeve is the perfect undershirt for everyday wear, all year round. Made from Obviously’s custom blend of incredibly luxurious MicroModal, this undershirt features a crew cut neck, short sleeves and a label free design. The comfort and softness found in this undershirt pairs perfectly with the The AnatoFREE Boxer Brief, which is specifically engineered for those guys who are looking for a next-to-nothing fit and feel. These boxer briefs help you experience more freedom with a supportive anatomical pouch. Between the comfort found in the Crew Neck Short Sleeve, and the superior fit found in the AnatoFREE boxer brief, this pairing will get you through your hardest of days.

Another great pairing of Obviously undershirts and underwear is the Essence Long Sleeve Crew Neck with the Basics AnatoMAX Boxer Brief. The AnatoMAX Boxer Brief features a 9 inch leg cut and the most recent/largest pouch design available from Obviously. The pouch is naturally shaped, and anatomical with maximum size, maximum space and maximum comfort. The longer length found in these boxer briefs goes well with the long sleeve design of the Essence Crew Neck, making both this undershirt and boxer briefs the perfect companions. Both are designed for an active multi-dimensional lifestyle – keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

How do you pair your underwear with your undershirts? Which of the Obviously undershirts is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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