5 Types Of Men Who Obviously Need This Underwear

Obviously need this underwear

In today’s market, men’s underwear comes in many different styles, functions and features. Having various options is a great way to individualize your purchases since you can choose undergarments that work with your daily activities. But at the end of the day, there’s probably one type of underwear that you tend to gravitate to because of your lifestyle. At The Underwear Expert, we are all about informing our audience about new trends, styles and collections so you can better express yourself. The Obviously underwear brand represents that expressive philosophy by offering several collections that have been specifically crafted for comfort, athletics, and style. We selected our favorite pairs for the outdoorsman, the family man, the sportsman, the fashionista and the professional. Find out which type best suits you and why you Obviously need this underwear.

Chop some wood, build a fire or play around outdoors with the AnatoFREE Hipster Trunk in the Lumber Collection. This sporty pair is engineered for toughness so it can match your toughest activities. The larger leg opening on the fabric legs helps allow for more movement, so you can pursue physical workouts without hindrance. It prevents sweating, chafing and your trunk legs from riding up so you won’t get that awkward fabric bunching. The trunk is cut for a slimmer body shape and has an AnatoFREE pouch technology for package enhancement. However, this pair doesn’t discount style with its contrasting piping, striped waistband and nature-themed colors: old gold, cranberry, cypress and deep forest.

When you’re a family man and you’re busy with work, your personal life and taking care of yourself, you don’t have time to worry about underwear. You just want comfort, and you want comfort now! Thankfully, the AnatoFREE Trunk in the Core Collection has your back. The trunk has been blended with a 4-way stretch beneficial fabric that prevents shrinking and fading. It’ll hold its shape after many washes and the soft backed elastic won’t stretch or sag over time. The underwear design provides style with its low slung hipster cut, but the secure trunk won’t sag down. This versatile trunk will pair well with any pairs of jeans, work pants or workout shorts you have.

When you keep up an active lifestyle, the biggest thing that you’re looking for is comfort from that gross sweaty feeling. Meet the AnatoFREE Boxer Brief 9-inch leg in the Spectra Collection. The boxer brief is composed of a fabric material that is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, eco-friendly and anti-fungal. The 9-inch leg was designed to prevent sweat, chafing, adjustment and that uncomfortable feeling between your legs. The AnatoFREE style pouch has a roomier pouch to allow your package to position itself downwards. This natural positioning design is great for athletics because it eliminates that squashed feeling. Your package will feel liberated. The anatomical front has been shaped to provide you with a comfortable wearing experience.

If you shop for underwear with mostly style in mind, you should be wearing the luxuriously comfortable AnatoFREE Brief in the Hipster Collection. The hipster brief embraces that sexy, casual look with the solid brief color and contrasting black, soft backed elastic waistband. The brief has a low cut but it won’t sag or reveal anything that isn’t meant to be seen. The AnatoFREE pouch technology has a natural contour shape that will give your package ultimate freedom and enhancement. This chic brief comes in colors like black, white, graphite and insignia blue

For the consummate professional, check out the AnatoMAX Boxer Brief 9-inch Leg in the Basics Collection. Sleek, inconspicuous, and comfortable — the AnatoMAX Boxer Brief is for you. It comes in a classic white, black, graphite and gray colors. The boxer brief has a 4-way stretch so you can wear it under your pants for a smooth and sleek silhouette. The AnatoMAX, the largest Obviously pouch design available, provides a naturally shaped pouch that gives maximum space and comfort.

What Obviously man are you? What makes you think you Obviously need this underwear? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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