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Spring is officially here and things are warming up. But they’re only going to get hotter, and Summer will be here before you know it; the season of longer days, warn eventful nights, and style with a casual charm. Whether it’s Spring or Summer, warm-weather looks should be laid-back. To wear a pattern but keep it casual, this summer’s hottest look will be the stripe. From simple to nautical and more, we’ve assembled the best pairs of striped underwear for the season. Model Cody Callahan wears them poolside on a perfectly sunny day to show you just how hot your summer can be.

There’s always that first day of infectious warm weather. The sun is out, trees and flowers are starting to bloom. You’ve left your jacket at home, maybe even dug out your favorite pair of shorts. But what’s under them? A classic pair of striped underwear is the perfect compliment to your mood. You feel good and uplifted, and you want to dress comfortably without sacrificing your sense of style. The Mack Weldon Brief in Rum Raison/Indigo stays true to the brand’s refined aesthetic, and shows why simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication.


Mack Weldon Brief – Get it here!


Bluebuck Nautical Brief – Get it here!


Jack Adams Triumph Brief – Get it here!

Now you’ve had your Spring awakening, and pretty soon that will rise to a Summer heat. This usually means less afternoons in the park and more sun-soaked days at the beach. Soon enough, you’ll be wearing shorts, or showing off your summer body in a tank top. You’re going to want bolder stripes and sharper contrasts – something that’ll turn heads. The Bluebuck Nautical Brief is perfect for those Spring-meets-Summer days. It has that handsome sailor vibe going for it. And if prefer something sportier, there’s the Jack Adams Triumph Brief. It adds red into the mix, and gives that sailor style an All-American finish perfect for impending pool parties.

Eventually though, all those Springtime activities will start wearing you down. You’ve been running around from A to beach, and a day spent indoors is starting to sound pretty good. Escape the heat with easy-breezy stripes that keep it casual. Hold on to your sunny disposition with the bright and cheery Aqua Stripe Trunk by Wood. A variety of bright blues give their stripe design an upbeat attitude. When you’re really looking to unwind, kick back in nothing but the C-IN2 Hand Me Down Army Trunk. Bold stripes, darker colors, and a heather finish make it the perfect cuddle buddy. Slip them on, sign into Netflix, and chill.


Wood Aqua Stripe Trunk – Get it here!


C-IN2 Hand Me Down Army Trunk – Get it here!


teamm8 Stadium Brief – Get it here!


papi Stripe Mix Boxer Brief – Get it here!

Next thing you know, the calendar says Spring, but the weather says Summer.  It’s the time to infuse those casual stripes with a shot of energy. We’re talking sporty brief cuts and pops of color that shine in all that sunlight you’ll be soaking up. Rock the teamm8 Stadium Brief at a ball game to stay cool and keep coverage to a discrete minimum. If you aren’t a brief guy, check out papi’s Stripe Mix Boxer Brief with a slightly longer length. It’s not too bright, it’s not too dark, and guaranteed to keep that spring in your step as you enter Summer.

As you can see, stripes are a varied and versatile as your summer plans will be. Don’t miss out on this must-have undie trend. Wether you’re more laid-back or let’s-go-go-go, there’s a stripe for you. Shop the story right here (below) to buy any of the pairs you’ve seen in our story. Grab a few of these pairs and you’ll be prepared to tackle whatever the summer brings!

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What does your favorite pair of striped underwear look like? Which of our feature pairs do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Bluebuck, C-IN2, Jack Adams, Mack Weldon, papi, teamm8, Wood


Model: Cody CallahanDT Model Management

Feature Image: Mack Weldon Brief – Rum Raisin/Indigo

Products Supplied by Bluebuck, C-IN2, Jack Adams, Mack Weldon, papi, teamm8, Wood


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  1. Laurence says:

    I think that the blue lace bodysuit (xdress) is one of the sexiest pieces on your entire site! I’m not into trans, CD. TV or drag and I am definitely not into women. However, when a beautiful and masculine man appears to be confident and seductive wearing lace, that says to me that he is a man in touch with his feminine side (which we all have…some more, some less!)….and that really turns me on!!!!!

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