Hip To Be Square: Square Patterned Underwear

We would bet money that most men only have a few pairs of underwear with patterns on them. Those patterns most likely involve some cartoon character or sexual innuendo, stripes, or the subject of today’s photo shoot with model Matt Conrad, some form of square-based pattern. From checkers to plaid and everything in between, square patterns are a great-looking departure from the solid colored standards of a man’s underwear drawer.

Plaid can range from rugged lumberjack to fashionably fancy based on its color or the size of the pattern itself. From the tartans of the rolling hills of Scotland to the Fashion Week tents in New York City, this pattern proves its versatility again and again. One thing that nearly every plaid has in common is its masculine appeal, yes, even in women’s clothing.

Checkers come in every size. Wether you imagine the small black and red squared of a checkerboard from your childhood or the black and white tiles of a kitchen floor, checkered patterns invoke a little more whimsy than plaid. The hard shapes and alternating colors let you be fun and manly all at the same time. Alternatively, when this pattern is shrunk down, it can also easily come across as dressy, almost formal.

Some brands are breaking both of these molds by opting to use the square shape in different ways or by disrupting the color patterns they create. These new patterns may be inspired by the squares created in a rope net or an artistic mosaic.

Geometric prints have become more and more popular over the past year. Whether your underwear collection is casual or trendy, square patterns can fit right in and break up the never-ending rotation of solid underwear. When you’re ready to try something different under your jeans, reach for those strong straight lines and never fear looking too bored with any square pattern on your most intimate pieces of clothing.

What square patterns appeal to you? Do you have any plaid or checkers in your undie collection? Tell us about it in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Bottoms Out, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Mosmann, Mundo Unico

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Matt Conrad

Feature Image: Bottoms O*U*T Basic Underwear

Products Supplied by Bottoms O*U*T, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Mosmann, Mundo Unico


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