N2N Wants You Ready For The 2016 White Party!

Themed parties are one of the best party occasions to dress up and meet lots of interesting new people. Everybody is wearing a walking conversation piece which contributes to a friendlier crowd environment. It’s fun to play around with your party style and dress for creativity and sex appeal. This year, N2N wants you to be ready for White Party 2016! It’s the annual premiere gay dance festival happening in the beautiful Palm Springs! The all-white bash runs from April 8-11th and features many DJs spinning today’s popular musical hits. If that didn’t already excite you enough, the N2N White Party sale will! N2N has all of the hottest underwear, singlets, tanks and joggers that you’re looking for on sale from now until April 4th.

The N2N Comic Book Singlet ($44.00) is an active singlet that will give you full coverage where you want it the most. This will give you a sleek silhouette. The undergarment has a fun animated print to add a dose of fun. The sexy singlet is designed with sleeveless arms so you can show off your upper body muscles to the 2016 White Party attendees. The singlet is unlined except for the pouch which has a self-cradling feature for your package.

The body-conforming N2N Winter White Onezee ($45.00) is the perfect look for those who want to party hard and relax even hard. The sleeveless onezee comes with an 8-button design. If you want more coverage, you can button it up to the collarbone or opt for a more suggestive look and leave the front unbuttoned as much as you would like. The onezee is very soft and comfy to wear thanks to the 95% rayon and 5% fabric blend.

If you wanted a more traditional white party look without baring it all, the N2N Dream Lounge Hoodie ($34.00) is your best option. You can wear this straight from your hotel to the White Party without garnering too much attention. The luxurious fabric offers supreme comfort and moisture-wicking properties so you can dance to your heart’s content. The streamlined, classically minimal shirt will pair perfectly with any white pants you have.

Are you a party animal looking for an outfit that will keep up with you at the 2016 White Party? Meet the N2N X-Treme Runner LTD ($40.00) The sporty pair has a solid vertical fabric panel running down the side for athletic purposes. The pouch has full coverage and a natural downward positioning to highlight your package. However, the runners are mostly designed with a sensual, perforated material for a see-through effect. The runner is stretchy so it will wrap around your body like a glove. Wear this with a white top or shirtless.

The N2N Titan Sport ($32.00) is an extremely frisky pair for those who want to dress scantily for the White Party. The sheer underwear features a 93% nylon and 17% spandex for a superior stretch. It will feel like a second skin on your body. The hottest feature of this pair is the C-ring opening behind a button snap-secured pouch.

If you didn’t go to the White Party last year, are you hoping to make an appearance to the 2016 White Party? What is your favorite all-white look? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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