teamm8’s M8 of February: Charlie Taylor

teamm8’s M8 of February

February might be a bit cold here on the East Coast, but things sure are looking hot in Australia! teamm8’s M8 of February has been announced, and once again he has surpassed all of our expectations. His name is Charlie Taylor, he’s fit as can be, and currently he is studying personal training. Charlie was born and raised in the Northern Beaches, which are located in the northern coastal suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The 20 year old is one of seven children, and was brought up with a number of animals consisting of chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs, birds and a cat.

What’s great about teamm8’s M8 of February is that despite his busy schedule of balancing sports and his studies in personal training, and a side job in pool fencing, Charlie also likes to spend his evenings going out with his mates or just chilling at home watching movies. Although still quite young, Charlie is a determined and disciplined individual who is working hard to get where he wants to be in life, knowing that the road to success requires consistency and a whole lot of focus.

Charlie’s game plan is to study, train and work hard. He believes if he can do this, then his dreams and long term goals will automatically become a reality. He doesn’t believe in wasting time, and spends a lot of his time studying and training as much as he can. It’s a big challenge, but he believes if he sticks with his proactive lifestyle, then he will be able to achieve anything. Charlie lives by the philosophy of: “Today is a new day. Even if you were wrong yesterday, you can get it right today.” It’s this motto that he applies while working hard to achieve his personal training dreams. Charlie also believes that everyday champions are people who are true and honest, those who put effort into everything they do, which is how he likes to live his life.

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Model Credit: Charlie Taylor

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