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Everybody should have the freedom of feeling accepted and totally comfortable in their own skin, and especially in their underwear choices. Bear Skn has one goal, and one goal only: to make that simple fact an absolute in every man’s life. Bear Skn observes a message of total body positivity in a market over-saturated by a demographic that celebrates a narrow aesthetic. Bjorn Ryan-Gorman founded and created the company Bear Skn from his home in Minneapolis, Minnesota when he started to realize the discomforting reality that most underwear brands advertised and catered to a specific kind of man, and he didn’t quite fit the bill. Bjorn sampled a variety of different styles, cuts, pairs, but couldn’t find anything that had the perfect construction of support, comfort, and affordability. Instead of waiting for someone to come out with the ideal Goldilocks pair that would fit his market’s needs, he took it upon himself to expand the underwear industry.

He began by asking all of his friends what they would want in their ideal underwear pair. He noticed that everybody had the same problems with itching, chafing, and irritable underwear tags. With this in mind, he began designing his pairs by combining all of his favorite elements and putting them together to create Bear Skn. He paid special attention to problem areas and remedied that with true, realistic sizing, repositioning the seams around for better comfort and adding mesh to the right places. At the end, and after much trial and error, Bjorn created a pair that he would be proud to own and wear. After Bjorn built out the heart and direction of Bear Skn, he brought on his partner, Joey Koening, to help with the Kickstarter for a launch, and eventual development and maintenance of its market presence and business strategy.

Their high-end and affordable underwear comes with a signature bamboo textile that actually has its fibers taken from a bamboo plant thinner than a strand of human hair. The fibers are rounded and smooth, which gives the final material a silky feel. Their bamboo fabrics are now blended with Elastane for even more ultra softness. The lightweight material has the ability to absorb three times its weight in moisture, maintaining a sweat-free experience. Their yearning to create a body positive underwear line has blossomed from an idea to a movement with many different prints, neon colors, multi-packs and clothing to fit men of every size.

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