Find Luxurious Warmth In A Pair Of Tani Thermal Sets

You have high expectations for the products you purchase and the designs you wear and what separates Tani from most underwear companies is that they hold the same expectations that you do. Their signature flair is in their pure, modern, clean taste which is clearly highlighted in all of their collections. They don’t subscribe to the idea of gimmicks. What they appreciate the most is total and complete simplicity like you do. Tani Thermal Sets is no exception. Their thermal sets have a high-end, supple fabric blend and deluxe finish which help transform a basic thermal to a self-indulgent, luxury item.

Grab your LoftThermal Set ($295) in Ice Blue or Granite. Carefully thought-out and executed, the Tani company wove this thermal on a special micro-gauge knitting machine in Germany, and composed the fabric with a double knit jacquard of Superfine German and Japanese fabrics. In layman’s term, The LoftThermal will fit you like a glove. The two layers are purposed to give specific thermal properties whenever you slip these babies on. The outer layer acts almost like a Kevlar-like material, preventing any outside elements to get through, especially the chilly cold. The inner layer helps keep warmth in without inviting sweat, which keeps you temperate and dry. The specially formulated fabric blend is made for sensitive skin, inviting an aesthetic treat on every level.

Wrap yourself in sleek comfort in SilkCut Thermal Set ($145) in colors white, black, grey or navy. This is the only thermal set made with 94% Micro Modal AIR, a fabric that is thinner and softer than silk. The functional quality of the thermal’s natural, moisture-wicking, biodegradable features combine with the heavenly lightweightedness of the silky fabric. In spite of its exceptionally soft and soothing feel, it holds onto its shape even after many wears. The SilkCut Thermal Set easily stretch to your body, but keeps its familiar silhouette so you can experience a suave fit.

Make it a night in, and put on the high-performing Thermaluxe Thermal Set with special Nilit Heat Technology ($245) in black. You’ll feel so luxurious, it’ll almost be better than wearing your birthday suit around your place. The Nilit material is a newly, innovated nylon formulation. It acts as insulation for your body so the material traps in your body heat to naturally warm you up. What makes it special is that you won’t break out in a sweat because the Superfine weave keeps moisture at bay. What’s even better is that this extravagant thermal set is anti-bacterial and naturally deodorant for a fresh, smooth, rich wear.

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