Bear Skn Fan Submissions: Are You The Next Instagram Star?

Rejoice today, hopeful Instagram stars! One of our favorite underwear brands, Bear Skn, is looking for submissions from people like YOU. If you don’t know about the Bear Skn underwear brand, you should. They wanted to create an underwear line that catered to men of all sizes without compromising on softness, affordability, and comfort. To submit, all you have to do is go to

To submit, all you have to do is go to the Instagram page, bear_skn and direct message your pictures directly to their inbox. If you’re nervous about submitting, don’t be! This is a body-positive website. Celebrate your body and flaunt your stuff with a Bear Skn Fan Submission today. You will inspire other customers and you will surprise yourself with your confidence. Show the Bear Skn community how much you love your body in their comfy pairs.

For the perfect selfie, pair your smile with a Bear Skn Neon Bright Boxer Brief. It comes in three neon colors of orange, green and pink. The eco-friendly boxer briefs are composed of sustainable bamboo fabric that’s softer than cotton for a silky smooth feel. It has a signature mesh zone for extra breathability where you would want it the most.  The brief features anti-fungal, odor resistant, and a temperature match so you’ll keep cool. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? Happy selfie-taking!

What do you love about Bear Skn underwear? Will you submit your selfies to Bear Skn Fan Submissions on Instagram? We would love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Bear Skn

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0 thoughts on “Bear Skn Fan Submissions: Are You The Next Instagram Star?

  1. Omar says:

    I just ordered the Bamboo Boxer Briefs as well as the “trunks”. Here is what is important to know. If you are a chubby guy with a belly, know that this underwear is meant to sit at the waistline. That means that if you like having your underwear waistband sit on your belly, then this is not the underwear for you; the waistband will “roll”. Thus becoming uncomfortable. If you wear the underwear at “waistline”, then the waistband will have minimum “roll”. The material does feel good and the boxer briefs look good as well. While BearSkn is the underwear for bigger guys, it might be good to know that there is a difference between Bears and Chubbys. I know, I know, all guys are built different, but as for me a chubby guy, these underwear are not for me. I am excited thought to see what new products they come up with. Oh, I almost forgot. The sizing. If you are a shopper that buys by the letter sizing, for example: you wear a 3XL. Know that for this brand, you cannot shop by letter. Please make sure you order by the actual size dimensions that are offered on the web page. The sizing would seem is true to fit. If you don’t like snug, order 1 size up.

    The same goes for the trunk/briefs style. Meant to sit at the waist. So it really does become a preference as to how you wear the underwear. Chubby guys, this might not be the underwear for you, but do what I did, order a pair and try it out. After all, this company is gay owned so even if the underwear is not for you, you are helping out a “brother” and what is the harm in that!

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