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N2N Collections are always eclectic and innovative, but most importantly, they always feature items that cater to an individual’s taste and preference. Whether it’s their loungewear, underwear, sportswear or fetish gear, each collection includes a wide assortment of different styles to choose from. Their new N2N Liquid Skins collection is no exception. This erotic-inspired collection has everything from briefs and bikinis to singlets and even a c-strap! Each piece comes in either silver or black and has a sleek matte finish. The special matte coating makes this novelty collection all the more unique.

The first item featured in the N2N Liquid Skins Collection is the Liquid Skin Bikini ($26.00). Designed with the special matte coating, this isn’t your everyday bikini-inspired underwear. The “Nhance” pouch feature boasts your package up, while the unlined design helps to showcase and define your package as well. The 83% nylon, 17% spandex composition creates a supremely excellent fit.

The Liquid Skin Sport Brief ($26.00) offers a little more coverage on the side than the bikini but with the same great pouch that accommodates beautifully and provides full butt coverage.

The N2N Skins Collection also offers a Liquid Skin Jock ($28.00). This sexy liquid look has a great stretch, which accommodates most sizes and body types. The covered leg straps make for a comfortable look as well as a sexy aesthetic!

The Liquid Skin Slingshot ($15.00) will undoubtedly be one of the sexiest and most unique items you own! N2N created a fabulous pouch with a built in double snap c-strap that is held up by a waistband. That’s it. Waistband, pouch and c-strap. Super sexy to wear by itself or under anything!

The Liquid Skin Wrestler ($46.00) is one of the most sultry singlets we’ve seen. If you don’t own a singlet already, you’ll need to get this one for your collection. This singlet features an uber low rise open chest, a supportive pouch and thin straps.

The N2N Liquid Skins Collection wouldn’t be complete without Liquid Skins Pants ($50.00). These body-hugging pants show off every little detail and supply a beautifully accommodating pouch that makes these long legged runners not only extremely wearable but also visually captivating.

Pair your pants with the Liquid Skin Muscle Shirt ($40.00) for a complete painted on latex look. Who doesn’t need a sexy latex-looking muscle to pour themselves into? This muscle shirt clings to your body, showing off your curves and definitions.

Lastly, the Liquid Skin G ($26.00). If thongs are your thing, this one has your name all over it! Wear these under shorts or chaps for a lovely latex fit.

Each item in the N2N Liquid Skins Collection is available in sizes: S – XXL

What are your thoughts on the N2N Liquid Skins Collection? Which style do you prefer to slip into? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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