Favorite Torio Designs for Foodies

Torio Designs for Foodies

Food is great. A lot of people really appreciate food and all the joy it can bring into someone’s life. Why not celebrate your love for food? Check out our favorite Torio Designs for foodies!

Recipes for Making Love: This trunk features the process of making delicious hot dogs and hamburgers that any foodie would love! If you turn out the lights, a steaming hot dog appears on the pouch, which could be a nice surprise for your food-loving significant other!

Torio Designs for Foodies 1


DINNER: Fine dine in these trunks! This print features some of the great food selections for fine dining on a blue background. Forks and knives will appear on the hips of the trunk in the dark. This style will have you screaming, “winner winner chicken dinner!”

Torio Designs for Foodies 2


Snack: Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, then this will be the perfect style for you! This trunk features a whole host of sweet candy treats all over that will have you satisfying your sweet cravings. In the dark, the message “U hungry?” will appear on the backside. But really, are you hungry?

Torio Designs for Foodies 3


Ice Cream: I scream, you scream, we will all be screaming for ice cream in these trunks! The print shows off some delicious looking ice cream cones and creamsicles that will have your mouth watering. Surprise your partner with a glow in the dark ice cream cone right on your package. It will be an extra special treat!

Torio Designs for Foodies 4


Hot Dog: Really love a good hot dog? Get a second pair of hot dog themed underwear! This jovial trunk features hot dogs chasing the perfect buns! Seal the deal with your perfect bun in the dark with the completed gorgeous hot dog right over your package!

Torio Designs for Foodies 5


Are you someone who loves food-themed underwear? Are you going to stock up on your favorite Torio designs for foodies? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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