Ask The Expert: Motorcycle Friendly Styles

Motorcycle Friendly Styles

Figuring out which underwear styles fit whatever activity you plan on performing can be hard. Riding a motorcycle can be really hard if you have underwear styles that tend to ride up and pinch. In this installment of Ask The Expert, we will show you some motorcycle friendly styles that will make your riding experience so much more enjoyable.

Andrew from Nashville, Tennessee – What’s up, The Underwear Expert? I’ve been following this site for a while now and have been wondering if you can help me. I love to ride my motorcycle, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. My underwear tends to get in the way, it just feels uncomfortable while I’m trying to focus on the rode. Do you know of any underwear styles that will be more motorcycle friendly? Thank you for your help!

The Underwear Expert – Hi, Andrew! Thank you for writing to us about your problem. A lot of men have this issue, but don’t worry, it can be easily solved! Wearing longer boxer briefs that either cut off right above your knee or your lower thigh will prevent riding up. If you aren’t a guy who loves longer boxer briefs, check out regular briefs to eliminate the riding up issue all together. Check out some motorcycle friendly styles here:

Malebasics Cotton Fitted Contrast Hip Brief: This style features a comfortable waistband and a contoured pouch that will keep you supported while you ride. The classic brief cut will eliminate riding up.

Modus Vivendi Leather Boxer: If you’re feeling a little festive, throw on these skin tight leather trunks and ride on! This style is skin tight, so it will prevent riding up!

Wood Biker Brief: The leg openings cut off on your lower thigh to prevent riding up. The contoured pouch will keep you supported and feeling great throughout your next motorcycle ride.

Will you rev your engine in these motorcycle friendly styles? Do you have any underwear related questions that we can answer for you on Ask The Expert? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For More Information on these brands: MalebasicsModus VivendiWood

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