Take It To The Next Level With teamm8 Accelerate Shorts

teamm8 Accelerate Shorts

Teamm8 isn’t just known for really great underwear and swimwear; they also feature an equally as impressive sportswear collection. Everything from muscle tops and tank tops to shorts and tights, the teamm8 sportswear collection has got your athletic needs covered! The collection features a masculine, confident aesthetic with bold colors and practical patterns. Each item incorporates an intricate design that is built to out perform, with just the right amount of understated athletic style. With most sportswear collections, function outweighs fashion, but this highly functional collection is both practical and stylish. You’ll look just as good as you feel. Because what good is a workout if you don’t feel your best during it?

Most specifically, the teamm8 Accelerate Shorts grabbed our attention. These shorts truly take it to the next level with the Jump Short, Striker Short and the Mission Short. And who better to showcase the full capacity of teamm8 Accelerate Shorts than Sil Visser? Shot by Martijn Smouter, these two come together to define the sportswear collection flawlessly. Sil is photographed in an outdoor workout space, with plenty of room for stretching and running. Surrounded by rugged, concrete fixtures and accompanied with a natural blue sky, the environment depicts the bold masculinity of the collection along with it’s subtle touch of style. Playing with natural sunlight and shadows, the collection (as well as Sil) couldn’t be featured more succinctly.

Each short has a similar athletic aesthetic, mixed with unique features that, when put together, create an impeccable piece of sportswear. The Accelerate Jump Shorts feature a mesh body that has a body defining stretch. The short is mid-length with a tapered leg for a slim look and a stepped up side panel adding to the aesthetic. Sil’s lower body is accentuated perfectly after he slips on a pair of these teamm8 Accelerate Shorts. With 2 hidden side pockets and the feature colored logo, the Jump Short has him covered on both a functional and fashionable level.

The Striker Short is constructed of a quick dry, 4 way stretch polyester elastane so that Sil gets the absolute most out of his workout. A slim fitting tapered leg in a mid-length cut and a bright blue drawcord help to add to the athletic finesse of the Striker Short. The Mission Short features black on black embossing that raises the style stakes on the 11-inch length short. The higher cut makes these teamm8 Accentuate Shorts ideal for running, leg day or any activity where you want more freedom around your thighs. They also do a great job at showing off Sil’s perfectly defined legs.

Along with the teamm8 Accelerate Shorts, Sil is also seen sporting the T8 tank top, the Blue Muscle Top, a Charcoal Tournament T-shirt and the very sleek T8 Black Tights.

What are your thoughts on the teamm8 Accelerate Shorts? Which item do you need most in the teamm8 sportswear collection? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: teamm8

Photo Credit: Photographer Martijn Smouter

Model Credit: Sil Visser

Product Supplied by teamm8


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