Review: 2eros V13 Print Flora Swimwear

About the product: The Australian 2eros V13 Print Flora Swimwear swim briefs or “Speedos” feature an external drawstring tie that keeps them at their low-rise. The cord is black and capped with metal ends that feature the 2eros logo. The body of the swim briefs are dark Tanzine with strongly contrasting pink floral prints at the front left and symmetrical prints on each cheek in the back. A large 2eros logo is featured at center on the back. The swimsuit also has a small black rubber tag with the logo and brand written in white on the front left. The leg openings feature a black trim. The swim briefs come to a low-rise and are made from nylon (82%) and elastane (18%).

From the company website:

**DISCLAIMER** Buyers may want to go a size up as this product uses a different, and less stretchy material from our previous swimwear designs, and will thus be more tight.

What we like: This is flora that others will faun over. They accentuate the hips and make the wearer look good. They get top marks for design for sure!

What we don’t like: They can be a bit tight, which is unflattering to the package. Also it may cause chaffing around the groin.

When we’d wear them: To the beach! Pool parties!

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who are comfortable in swim briefs. Guys who want a sleek modern design on their swimwear.

Describe these underwear in 3 words: Floral. Skimpy. Compact.


For more information on this product: 2eros

Photo Credit: 2eros

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