Show Off Your Manhood In The Ergowear 3XD Suave Range!

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Looking for a new way to impress that special someone? Give your lover a playful strip tease that they will never forget in the Ergowear 3XD Suave Range!

The Ergowear 3XD Suave Range features a pouch that shows off your boys in a new way. The three dimensional pouch lifts your boys up and away from your body for extra comfort. It’s also made out of a flexible material that will stretch out if you need a little extra room and will also contour to your package for a seductive fit that will have anyone begging for more. All styles in this collection are available in burgundy and turquoise.

The 3XD Suave Mini Boxer ($33.23) in the Ergowear 3XD Suave Range is cut like a trunk. The high leg openings allow for this garment to be worn by guys with large, muscular thighs. These guys will feel as comfortable as anyone else and won’t feel constricted. The hidden waistband is low cut and curves right over your bum for an excellent view.The polyester-spandex suave microfiber fabric of this style will hug your body and show off those wonderful curves you’ve been rocking. This material is also very soft and stretchy, so it moves with you when you need it to most.

If you like showing off a little more skin, go for the 3XD Suave Bikini ($28.45). Minimal coverage on the sides allows you to show off more skin and the full coverage backside accentuates your natural curves and supports your bum. The hidden waistband is cut extra low so you can show off that V you’ve been working so hard on! Want to take your strip tease a little further? Try out the 3XD Suave Thong ($26.24) in the Ergowear 3XD Suave Range. This bad boy will have you scraping your partner’s chin off the floor! The 3-D pouch will have all eyes on your main event until you show off your backside! The thong strap and waistband curve around the top of your cheeks to provide a tantalizing view to whomever you’re seducing!

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The Ergowear 3XD Suave Range is available in sizes S – XL.

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How do you think your package will look in the Ergowear 3XD Suave Range? Which color do you think will complement your skin tone the best? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Ergowear

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