Is That A Torio Banana In My Pocket, Or Am I Just Happy To See You?

Japanese underwear brand Torio has made a name for itself with unique humor prints and glow-in-the-dark accents that give their comical undies a biting twist. If they don’t make you laugh out loud they’ll at least get you to smirk. And while every guy could use a little laughter in his life, not every guy wants a bright and out-there pair of underwear, let alone one that glows in the dark.

The Torio Banana In My Pocket Boxer makes a good first pair of Torio for men with a sense of humor and a slightly more reserved sense of style. Compared to other Torio designs the Banana In My Pocket Boxer is less youthful and more tongue-in-cheek. It’s also more minimal. You start off with a black and white striped boxer brief with a black trim around the pouch. Add a pocket on the rear and place a printed banana inside and you get a smart balance of casual design with an outgoing attitude. Finish that off that with a neon green or bright pink waistband and the yellow banana looks even more appealing.

The Torio Banana In My Pocket Boxer is made from 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane. This gives the everyday pair of underwear a soft and comfortable fit. The materials have just enough stretch for the underwear’s contouring seams to stay in place. The Banana In My Pocket Boxer also excludes any glow-in-the-dark details from the design. Torio gets their sense of humor across with their trademark banana, and we get the joke.

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