Sean Zevran Underwear Signing For Andrew Christian

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Andrew Christian is known for having a lot of fun with their models in various videos. Over the years, we’ve watched the boys show off in their skivvies and tease us with their bodies, and this time, we get to be a part of the action with the Sean Zevran Underwear Signing.

Sean Zevran is tall. Sean Zevran is handsome. Sean Zevran is sexy, and now Andrew Christian model Sean Zevran is personally signing your favorite styles of Andrew Christian underwear. Now you can take a little piece of Sean Zevran with you wherever you go for your wearing pleasure with the Sean Zevran Underwear Signing!

This Sean Zevran Underwear Signing offer features the sexiest Andrew Christian collections including: Trophy Boy, Tighty-Whitie, Twerk Comfort, Retro Pop, Glow Pop, BLOW! Cool Flex, Almost Naked, and so many more! Now all of your jocks, briefs, and boxers can have Sean Zevran’s personal stamp of approval! There is a pair and color for every Sean Zevran fan out there.

Offer ends September 14th, and they’re going to run out soon, so go grab a pair (or three) as quick as you can with the Sean Zevran Underwear Signing! Who wouldn’t want a pair of Andrew Christian underwear personally handled by Sean Zevran’s big hands?

Check out the Andrew Christian Video below:

What’s your favorite underwear featured in this Sean Zevran Underwear Signing? What other Andrew Christian models would you want to personally sign a pair of your underwear? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet @underwearexpert

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Video Credit: Andrew Christian

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