10 Black Briefs To Leave Your Boxer Briefs For

Just about every guy knows black underwear is where it’s at. For most of us, they’re the first pairs we pull from our top drawers. Why? Because black underwear is simple and classy. But if we’ve learned anything from our “Boxers Or Briefs?” series, it’s that most men still prefer boxer briefs over briefs. But like our latest exclusive photoshoot proves, black briefs are just as equipped to hug your body is casual, classic style. They’re also sexier, which never hurts.

Jared North models 10 black briefs in Jerrad Matthew’s photoshoot below. Opting for a pair of black underwear should be an easy fashion choice to make. Make that black pair a brief, and you’re wearing a stylish pair of underwear that’s both reserved and refined. So for you men hopelessly devoted to your boxer briefs, rest assured a black brief can be just as unassuming. So what if they leave your thighs exposed? The lesser coverage is easier to move in, and shows off more of your physique.

Some of the black briefs Jared North models are black all the way around. An entirely black brief is about as understated as a pair of underwear can get. Without bold text or contrasting accents, these pairs have a clean and sophisticated attitude. They know they’re simple and they know they look good, so there’s no need to try too hard – like Jared’s 2(X)IST Pima Contour Pouch Brief with its dual-tone black waistband.

Almost every other black brief Jared North models has a pop of white somewhere in its design, but you get something distinctly different depending on the amount of white. Jared’s Cocksox CX76N Sports Brief looks the most athletic thanks to some attractive white trim around the legs. Leave it to the rest to keep it casual, and look like modern classics with a fun sense of style.

How many black briefs can be found in your underwear drawer? Are black briefs your ideal pair of underwear for a casual weekday? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Bloke Undees, Cocksox, Dirt Squirrel, Frank DandyLevi’s, Milkman, papi, Perry Ellis, PUMP!

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Jared North

Products Supplied by 2(X)IST, Bloke Undees, Cocksox, Dirt Squirrel, Frank Dandy, Levi’s, Milkman, papi, Perry Ellis, PUMP!


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