Check Out Alex Zimnitsa in Baskit Underwear

Alex Zimnitsa in Baskit Underwear

Take a look at fresh faced Alex Zimnitsa in Baskit Underwear photographed by Alex King in classic Baskit cuts just in time for Baskit’s website relaunch! A handsome model and also new to The Underwear Expert, Alex Zimnitsa gives us another reason to love Baskit Underwear with his rippling abs and sultry stares.

Baskit is known for their bold pops of color and playfully sexy styles that hug your figure and accentuate your beautiful bulge. We’re hoping this translates onto Baskit’s new website, which has just launched, and that they include their usual mouth-watering plethora of pretty men. We cannot wait to click through and see what the brand has in store for us and their other customers!

King shoots Alex Zimnitsa in Baskit Underwear in a myriad different styles of briefs. He captures nature’s essence in every shot, aided by Zimnsita’s natural, unforced poses. The model is a true natural in front of the camera, and really knows how to sell these briefs! He makes us want to go out and buy a pair in every color and style.

Alex Zimnitsa in Baskit Underwear shows off his rock hard bod in Baskit’s Just B Briefs. The hot pink color and grey outlining pops perfectly against his creamy, smooth skin. He puts your libido in a choke hold in his snugfit seamless black underwear, those piercing eyes beckoning you forth to join him in the brush. The pair toes the line between the masculine and the feminine, with the masculine clearly coming out on top as the winner. We do love a man that isn’t afraid to show off his sensitive, pretty-in-pink side.

Do you find Alex Zimnitsa in Baskit Underwear sexy? Are you excited for Baskit’s new website relaunch? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Alex King

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