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Tani isn’t just an underwear brand, it’s a luxury brand that offers tons more than just men’s boxers and briefs. Tani also comes out with exquisite undershirts, tanks and loungewear – you’ll even find a workout shirt. They’re made from the same quality materials as the brand’s underwear but with more of it. Let Tani luxury touch more of you and really feel what luxury comfort is all about.

Tani has a Thermal Set and Lounge Pant in their SilkCut Collection, both made from Micro Modal® AIR material, the same as the collection’s underwear. The material gets it’s fitting “AIR” moniker for being not just soft and lightweight but naturally moisture wicking, as are all of Tani’s luxury materials. It brings a safe level of comfort while being equipped for a gym session. Feel the comfort of Tani luxury at the gym, and when you want to stay home, go to your SilkCut loungewear looks.

Tani has a couple gym-ready collections where other non-luxury brands have one or none. There is a workout shirt in the ActiveMode Collection and a muscle shirt in the Air-Fit Collection. Both are rare finds, if you’re looking for high quality and a less reserved, athletic style.

As far as undershirts are concerned, Tani luxury is pretty hard to beat. Undershirts in the FreeForm Collection are knitted so that no seams are necessary. It leaves a raw edge that fits magically flush on your skin every time. Tanks and undershirts can also be found in the Tani SwissTouch and SilkCut Collections

Where do you like to feel the touch of Tani luxury? Would you splurge on the ultimate night indoors look? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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