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Blackspade put a lot of thought into their brand and everything that goes along with it. The backstory of Blackspade brings us back to the beginning of time – for the company, of course.

Blackspade chose the fig leaf as their logo, because of the history behind it – an interesting part of the backstory of Blackspade. The fig leaf was first used by Adam & Eve to cover up their nudity after they had eaten the forbidden fruit in The Garden of Eden. They used the fig leaf, because it was simple – it fulfilled their need to cover themselves up, as previously stated. Blackspade stays within this theme and uses natural materials to create far more comfortable means to “cover up.”

The backstory of Blackspade was started in the Aegean Area, where there are many fig trees are around, making the choice to use the fig leaf a very easy and natural one – and one that we absolutely love. Cotton was also in abundance, so Blackspade sticks with natural materials to stay within the story of their logo, and to keep their customers happy and comfortable.

Blackspade mostly uses natural cotton and modal fabric blends for their products. For those of you who don’t know what a modal fabric is: it’s a type of rayon, a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, mostly from beech trees. Blackspade offers cuts that are simple in design, but are comfy and fit your body for different weather climates.

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For more information on this brand: Blackspade.

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