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11021556_824821930919153_1337983146799806335_nThe tricky thing about luxury underwear is it can’t be overdone. In fact, it’s best to be daringly simple. Like the true kind of luxury, it should come off as effortless. It should speak for itself, and only say a few words. That’s the kind of thinking that led to two world travelers that created undertøj, a newcomer to the men’s underwear market that focuses on the essentials, and aims to perfect them.

undertøj’s premier Blanc & Noir Collection is currently available online. Made from cotton soft enough to be deemed luxurious, and touched with elastic for stretch, the new collection includes two boxer briefs – one solid white, the other solid black. The minimalist approach is maximized with a small logo, placed off-center and to the right. It keeps with undertøj’s refined aesthetic. What’s even better is that undertøj aims for “everyday luxury,” making their underwear versatile and sophisticated.

When it came to creating the perfect boxer brief, the minds behind undertøj didn’t just look at the underwear, but where it would be made – and arguably even more important – what it would be made from. Before undertøj was launched in Amsterdam, the brand focused on their corporate social responsiblity. This meant keeping the entire manufacturing process behind undertøj in safe European conditions.  All the cotton used, of course, fair trade, so that you can enjoy the beautiful simplicity of undertøj with a clear conscience. Undertøj Boxer Briefs leave you to feel the distinct touch of luxury fabric. And speaking of mindful design, undertøj Boxer Briefs even come in a “photogenic luxury box.”

And for those who were wondering, “undertøj” is the Dutch word for underwear. The more you know.

Do you think more brands should have responsible manufacturing processed like undertøj does? Would you rather wear the Blanc Boxer Brief, or the Noir Boxer Brief? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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  1. Henrik says:

    Dear Underwear Epert,

    “undertøj” is the Danish (as in Denmark) word for “underwear”. If you are looking for the Dutch (as in Netherlands) word, then it is “ondergoed” I think.

    A Dane 🙂

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