Never Going Back From Black Underwear

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you can never go wrong with solid black underwear that fits the way it should. The combination is flattering and sophisticated every time, no matter how casual or high-end the look. A basic pair of black underwear is a man’s undergarment equivalent to a woman’s little black dress. But our underwear is even littler, and just as equipped to have you looking like your classy, intelligent best.

Black underwear is slimming, especially when it’s made with a form-fitting material. Combine that with a contoured pouch and you have an everyday pair of underwear that won’t disappoint if you end up getting lucky. Black underwear is sexy in a simple, confident way. More erotic brands will turn the heat up on their black underwear with see-through fabrics and revealing cuts. Sure those sexier looks are worth slipping into, but one thing they aren’t is subtle.

Jerrad Matthew’s latest exclusive shoot for The Underwear Expert is all about unassuming black underwear. Model Aaron Valenzuela is back, still sculpted to perfection. In fact, his body is the only blatantly sexy thing about the photoshoot. Six pairs of black underwear keep their cool while Aaron turns up the heat. He models briefs and a trunk with modern cuts, and teases you with mischievous tugs on their waistbands. Lucky us, Jerrad Matthew shoots Aarron from the front and back. And ironically enough, it’s the shoot’s two classiest pairs that Aaron tugs the lowest.

N2N and D.Hedral both have black brief designs that are truly solid black. Where other pairs have small contrasts, these go for something less casual and more fashionable. Instead of working a small logo into the design, the brand’s names are printed in black on a black waistband. The D.Hedral Evo Brief’s dual-tone effect outlines the letters in stitching. Then N2N’s Luxe Brief 2.0 has a waistband branded with text that has a little shine. Aaron pulls ’em down, turns around, and gives the camera a teasing peak at his butt.

Other pairs in Aaron’s arsenal of black underwear are designed with minimal accents that stick to the underwear’s refined aesthetic. Naked and Hanro put their name in tiny white letters on the hips of their black underwear. ExOfficio and Icebreaker have more contrasts, but with an equally subtle impact. These brands accent their black underwear with dark grey. It makes for a more casual look, but never forgets black underwear is best left understated.

Which pair of black underwear do you like Aaron Valenzuela the most in? How many pairs of black underwear do you own? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: D.Hedral, ExOfficio, Hanro, Icebreaker, N2N, Naked

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Aaron Valenzuela

Products Supplied by D.Hedral, ExOfficio, Hanro, Icebreaker, N2N, Naked


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  1. Masc_Underguy says:

    Underwear for MEN should only be white, black, gray, navy blue. Ladies underwear are yellow, pink, purple, red, green, etc…

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