Wide Waistbands Part One: Elastic Made Active

Wide Waistbands

A pair of underwear’s attitude emanates from its waistband, or lack thereof. Remove the waistbands, and you’ll likely have something simple, maybe even elegant. Add wide waistbands, and you’re sprinting toward athletic designs. Part one of The Underwear Expert’s latest Jerrad Matthew exclusive is all about briefs and jockstraps with wide waistbands. Model Alec Leddy returns for the shoot – and brings his active-man sex appeal with him.

Something about Alec’s short hair and all those smooth muscles paints him like a jock-type. He’d bring the football to the beach, or the soccer ball to the park. And we’re willing to bet, he’d do so wearing one of these wide waistband pairs. Normally, Andrew Christian makes you think “go-go boy” before “goalie,” but the wide waistbands on their BLOW! Collection give those looks a definite sporty vibe, especially on the new BLOW! Brief in white. The black waistband complements its black leg trim for a classic athletic contrast. Alexander Cobb’s Yellow River Slip does something similar, but with a more modern, black/yellow contrast.

Clever and 2eros feature more fashion-forward briefs, both designed with waistbands that are wide and metallic. The Clever Zircon Brief has a wider cut body to complement its wide silver waistband. And while the thicker design reveals the brief’s sporty roots, the teasing white mesh still pushes its provocative side. The 2eros Vivid Brief has a narrow cut with a gold waistband. The gold doesn’t outshine the look’s athleticism, though, thanks to a contrasting blue fabric that wraps around Alec’s rear. This contrast is equally sporty, but with a little bit of zest.

Speaking of Alec’s rear, there is no beating the combination of a wide waistband and a jockstrap. He models two in the shoot – one by PUMP! and another, also by 2eros. Jockstraps by definition leave your rear exposed. This means zero fabric covers your backside, aside from the jock’s waistband, of course. 2eros makes their jock’s waistband wider by flanking a bold blue stripe with thin yellow ones. But in the end, PUMP! wins the wide waistband game. Their brand name is always bold, in all caps, and finished with an exclamation point. Their aesthetic wouldn’t even fit on a smaller waistband.

How many of your favorite briefs and jockstraps are designed with wide waistbands? Is there a pair featured in this photo shoot that you absolutely must have? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2eros, 2(X)IST, Alexander Cobb, Andrew Christian, Clever, PUMP!, Rufskin

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Alec Leddy

Products Supplied by 2eros, 2(X)IST, Alexander Cobb, Andrew Christian, Clever, PUMP!, Rufskin


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