Sunday Morning Shoot w/ David Harris And Stonemen

Working for his first time in front of the camera, Brisbane-based personal-trainer-turned-model David Harris is captured here in pairs of Stonemen underwear. Shot by photographer Marc Debnam, the series highlights three of Stonemen’s latests prints: Shady Palms, The Lake, and Ocean. All three prints are cut into brief, trunk, and boxer brief styles for a lineup that stays true to Stonemen’s love affair with uninterrupted, wraparound print designs. The photo-realistic prints even maintain the brand’s natural, outdoorsy theme.

David Harris shows off everything in the shoot — each style, every print, not to mention a few prints of his own. David’s surfer-meets-the-Orient tattoos add more to the end result of each shot, and help to capture Stonemen’s adventurous, wanderlust-esque subject matter in the Lake, Ocean and Shady Palms prints. It doesn’t hurt that David’s a professional trainer either. Every bit of him looks like the type of man who’d be out there hiking or kayaking in the mountains, surfing or sunning along the beach – and we’d take that man’s bod, Stonemen undies or not.

Despite David’s peak physique, the overall shoot is intimate, not muscle man. Debnam captures David Harris as he lies in bed, pillows and all, and then as he steps outside and looks out over his balcony. It feels like a Sunday morning slept in. No work, no workout. No business, just brunch. And these Stonemen styles look good enough to brunch in — because “to brunch” is definitely a verb.

Who wouldn’t want a date — breakfast or brunch, dinner or lunch — with David Harris? With a set of eyes blue enough to compete with any ocean (Ocean print included), he’s a catch that’s already done half the work: he’s down to his Stonemen underwear. And depending on your own personal print preferences, you may be finishing the job just to steal a pair of those Stonemen underwear. Considering David’s got all three styles, all three prints, surely he wouldn’t mind sharing a few.

Which print works the best with the David Harris shoot? What about with his tattoos? Which one would you buy first? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Stonemen

Photo Credit: Marc Debnam

Model: David Harris

Sponsored by Stonemen


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