A Safari Through Mundo Unico Africa

Mundo Unico Africa

Bless the rains down in Africa, and Mundo Unico! Model Connor Moxam returns for the Colombian brand’s latest photo shoot – the Mundo Unico Africa Campaign. The pics have a safari theme going on, Connor modeling the new Mundo Unico Africa Collection’s underwear with nothing but a Jeep, aviator sunglass, and that toned body of his. But where “safari” makes us think of wild animals and rugged, sweaty clothes, the Mundo Unico Africa safari is all about comfort and bold, casual styles.

Observing Connor in his natural habitat, he models three short boxer designs, as well as a brief and mid-boxer from the Mundo Unico Africa Collection. The striped short boxer – the Short Boxer Somalia – uses a light green waistband to balance its narrow vertical stripes in black, orange, and green. The shades Connor wears with this boxer bring out its darker side, and give Connor a trendier look.

Connor steers his Jeep somewhere less masculine and more cute with the Camerun Brief. Also featuring a striped design, the Camerun Brief is the most colorful and revealing look featured in the Mundo Unico Africa Campaign. Navy, pink, and light blue stripes are laid on thick, and make the most of what little fabric the hip brief cut has.

Connor looks the most masculine, and the most casual, in the Oni Mid Oxer and Mar Rojo Short Boxer. Both solid designs use colorblocking to give everyday pairs a sporty attitude. The Oni design does this classically with a solid black body and contrasting red waistband. Mar Rojo is a little more contemporary with contrasting legs seams and waistbands.

What’s your favorite shot from the Mundo Unico Africa Campaign? Is there an underwear style you think Mundo Unico designs the best? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Mundo Unico

Photo Credit: Mundo Unico

Model: Connor Moxam


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