Review: aussieBum Sportscup

aussieBum SportsCup

Item Reviewed: aussieBum SportsCup

About the product: aussieBum surprises us with a unique take on a jockstrap, eliminating the straps altogether for the more free aussieBum SportsCup style. Constructed with a no-seam microfiber fabric pouch and a wide waistband, the aussieBum SportsCup is as minimal as it gets. The pouch can stretch and support heavy cargo, while the waistband and no-back configuration keep these underwear both comfortable and revealing.

What we like: The aussieBum SportsCup is surprisingly comfortable and supportive. The seamless material lets you wear next to nothing without letting the world know. We would love these with a slightly smaller waistband.

When we’d wear them: During yoga or any other activity where some added (yet hidden) support goes a long way.

Who we’d recommend them to: For guys looking for a little extra freedom in the rear.

In three words: Bold. Supportive. Strong.

aussieBum SportsCup
aussieBum SportsCup

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