Long Live Tommy John Essential Tees

Tommy John Essential Tees

There’s one quick and simple rule to always looking good that will never ever change: wear something that fits. Just about everyone has found that one t-shirt that fits like a dream. The only problem is the rude awakening you get after washing it. Typical cotton tees shrink, fade, and lose shape after repeated spins through the wash. Enter Tommy John Essential Tees. Keeping with the brand’s track record for solving men’s fashion problems, Tommy John Essential Tees ditch yesterday’s 100% cotton design for one that looks good-as-new every time.

Tommy John Essential Tees are made from a material blend that’s 57% pima cotton, 38% modal, and 5% spandex. Unlike most basic tees, this material allows Tommy John’s tees to be non-pilling, non-shrinking, and shape-retaining. The material is also super soft, leaving you more comfortable and better dressed at the same time. Tommy John also pre-shrinks their Essential Tees to better ensure their consistently comfortable fits.

Tommy John Essential Tees come in five designs, each available in Black, White, Heather Gray, and Dress Blues. The V-Neck Tee and Crew Neck Tee are their staples. They’re clean, simple, and thanks to their fit, a sophisticated addition to your casual everyday style.

The Pocket Tee and Ringer Tee have the same casual attitude, but with a little less simplicity. Both styles essentially add pockets to the Crew Neck Tee, but the Ringer Tee doesn’t stop there. Where the Pocket Tee sticks to a single color, and thus blends the pocket into the shirt, the Ringer Tee gets sporty with contrasting colors – found on the pocket and neck trim.

For men who require basics with a fashionable flair, the Moroccan Tee is the most stylish and modern of the five Tommy John Essential Tees. Like the name suggests, they have a Moroccan-style neck that looks like a crew neck save for an attractive dip into the middle. It’s sharper compared to most Moroccan-style necks, and keeps with Tommy John’s effortlessly clean approach to masculine apparel.

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