7 Reasons This American Made Brand is the Perfect Way Let “Freedom Reign”

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Freedom Reigns is an American-made brand. It has started, developed, and succeeded in this country. What’s more American than success? That’s right – nothing. And Freedom Reigns truly lives up to its name. Here are 7 reasons why Freedom Reigns is the best brand to let “Freedom Reign”:


7.G-force Low-Rise Speedo will having you feeling like a large and in charge sergeant with every wear. Its military colors mirror that of the U.S. Army uniform.

Let "Freedom Reign" 1


6. ThePump Hybrid Jockstrap supports your Privates and sends your booty on a mission. You will not want to avoid friendly fire in this pair.

Let "Freedom Reign" 2


5. What’s more American than sporty activewear? Not much, in our collective humble opinions. The Freedom Reigns Neon GT Banded Ankle “Cycle Pants” is part of the Freedom Reigns Sport line, and is perfect for when you want to get your pump on.

Let "Freedom Reign" 3


4. Americans like having choices, especially when it comes to comfortable, stylish swimwear. Freedom Reigns has these swim briefs as well as other styles available that will have you flying your flag high.

Let "Freedom Reign" 4


3. Feel masculine and tough in Freedom Reign’s Americana Sport Tank Top. These shirts have a snug fit that will show off any upper body muscles. Flex your muscles and say, “God Bless the U.S.A.,” when you slip on these shirts.

Let "Freedom Reign" 5


2. To match the tank top, try out Freedom Reigns Americana Sports Shorts. This American-made short is  soft and also built to look awesome and – dare we say it it? – let “Freedom Reign.”

Let "Freedom Reign" 6


1. What’s more American than a sexy team of Freedom Reigns models? Nothing….

Let "Freedom Reign" 7

Do you feel patriotic in your Freedom Reigns? What pair of underwear do you let “Freedom Reign” in? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Freedom Reigns

Photo Credit: Freedom Reigns

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