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Los-Angeles based brand Vanwolff first launched in 2012, founded by award-winning designer Andrew Maxim, and co-founded by former Ford model Mark Waier. Their inaugural Prey Collection didn’t include underwear, but men’s swimwear for Summer 2013 that managed to be sophisticated and tasteful, yet striking enough to leave ’em hungry for more.

Like some of the best swimwear designs around, Vanwolff created their swimwear with a poly-spandex blend that boasted a 4-way stretch. And while this practically guarantees a body-defining fit, it also makes distorted graphics and prints more likely to occur. That’s why Vanwolff’s swimwear was designed with images embedded into the fabric – they stretch to their proper appearance, rather than lose it the moment they’re worn. The Vanwolff Prey Collection was also designed with “woven-in cording.” Drawstrings read things such as “I Promise To Behave This Summer” and “Prey On The Weak.” Having proved clean and sharp designs can have just as much fun as less stylish pairs, Vanwolff was off to a successful start.

The brand’s first three underwear collections were released a year later in 2014: Mackenzie, Timber, and Alex – each named after wolf packs throughout North America. And while each collection appealed to a different man, that man would always be a Vanwolff gentlemen. Like the Prey Collection of swimwear, the Vanwolff trunks and briefs stuck to the essentials: classic, stylish comfort.

Each collection is offered in black, white, and grey colorways, as well as brand-exclusive prints hand-drawn by designer Andrew Maxim himself. The Mackenzie Collection is the sportiest of the three, with contrasting piping and an athletic-styled waistband. Its print is also the most casual, like comic strip werewolves meets “Where’s Waldo.” The Timber Collection is for the more classic, if-it-ain’t-broke kind of guy. A minimalist print includes a skull and crossbones, and text reading “huff & puff and I’ll blow you away.”

The Alexander Collection is for the wolf pack’s most fashion-forward member. Made from the same pima cotton blend as the others, the Alexander briefs and trunks are more refined, using some intelligent simplicity to stand as Vanwolff’s most distinctive underwear collection.

Vanwolff isn’t the first brand to try and reinvent the classics. In fact, just about every underwear brand does – but not like Vanwolff. Compared to others, Vanwolff’s underwear and swimwear are sharper and more fine-tuned. The brand’s aesthetic is so tastefully simple, their looks imply confidence – which as we all know, is the most attractive thing around. Whether you look to their underwear or swimwear, rest assured Vanwolff’s stylish bite will leave a mark.

Vanwolff’s name originated from designer Andrew Maxim’s hometown of Vancouver, and the wolf’s natural, predatory instincts.

Have you checked out Vanwolff’s underwear and swimwear for yourself? Which of the pairs modeled by Erick Wilson do you like more? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Erick Wilson

Products Supplied by Vanwolff


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