Gregg Homme X-Rated Maximizer Collection

Maximize the special attention your body needs with the Gregg Homme X-Rated Maximizer Collection. Complete with a brief, boxer brief, thong, jock and muscle top option, this super sheer series packs enough punch to position your best parts in a bold but luxurious front and center.

With Gregg Homme’s advanced enhancing technology, each style spruces up your “down there” and moves what matters to the forefront. “Shy guys need not apply!” Gregg Homme assures us, as if the all-mesh fabric wasn’t enough of an indicator. The only non-see-through bits are the elastic strands that make up each design’s waistband and the Super Jock’s ($38.95) rear end support system. Other than that, be prepared to bear and bare it all in that tantalizingly transparent mesh. The briefs ($34.95), boxer briefs ($36.95) and thong ($30.95) are all like a second layer of skin: thin, smooth and made-for-your-body comfortable.

If all this mesh is getting you a little hot and bothered, take a second to breathe with the X-Rated Maximizer Muscle Top ($36.95). While it’s certainly enough to make anyone hot, the mesh theme carries on and ensures you’re well prepared for– well– any activity that require a mesh tank and underwear… Make your look truly X-Rated with this satin-trimmed tease.

The black Gregg Homme X-Rated Maximizer Top comes in sizes S-XL, while the the underwear all run sizes XS-XL and are available in black, red, blue or green. Pair a top and a bottom for a truly maximized experience.

Do you need “Advanced Enhancing Technology?” How do you feel in mesh? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet: @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Gregg Homme

Photo Credit: Gregg Homme

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