Review: JM Skinz Fashion Pouch Boxer 96824

Item reviewed: JM Skinz Fashion Pouch Boxer 96824

About the product: The JM Skinz Fashion Pouch Boxer are made from polyester microfiber (86%) and spandex (14%), which come together in a way that give these the superlatively soft and flexible feel the Canadian brand is built on. The JM Pouch Boxer 96824 is more of a boxer brief despite their name starting at a mid-rising 1-inch plain navy band with a small black tag at the front center with “JM” written in white. The material is printed with an active blue, red, green, and white plaid. The underwear features a closed contoured pouch with a center stitch and navy stitching on the sides.

What we like: These are extremely soft to the touch, lightweight and breathable. They make a great all-season pair of boxers. They are able to combine the loose and unconstricted feel of boxers with the support and fit found in boxer briefs. The pattern makes them a versatile pair of underwear.

When we’d wear them: Any day, any season. The JM Pouch Boxer 96824 is a great pair to sit around the house all day or to spend the day at the office.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who are looking for a pair of boxers with a bit more support. Guys who want a solid, versatile pair of underwear.

In three words: Soft. Flexible. Breathable.


For more information on this brand: JM

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