Review: aussieBum Gelato Jock

Ergowear TRIO Collection 12

Item reviewed: aussieBum Gelato Jock – Blueberry

About the product: This Australian brand tends to run slightly large.  This jock is not shy with it’s loud 1.5 inch elastic bright orange waist band with the “aussieBum” brand stitched all over it.  It’s primarily made out of cotton, 90% with 10% elastane.

While the band is thick, both in width and fabric thickness, the rest of the jock is very skimpy.  The pouch is a contoured pocket pouch in light blue piped with a darker blue color.  And the straps are of that same darker blue and are literally just tacked on.

It seems like the only part where the 10% elastane is, is in the waist band.  The straps are just the same cotton material, doubled without any elasticity and only measure about ¾ of an inch, the same thickness as the piping around the pouch.  Being that it already runs a little large, the straps do not hold your behind adequately.

The cotton however is of good quality.  It washes well and the colors stay vibrant after.

What we like: The colors – they are loud and exciting.

When we’d wear them: At the gym.

Who we’d recommend them to: Meatier guys with bubble butts.

In three words: Loud. Loose. Skimpy.


For more information on this brand: aussieBum

Photo Credit: aussieBum

Product Supplied by aussieBum


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