New Additions For The PUMP! Beach Hood Tank

PUMP! Beach Hood

The recently updated PUMP! Beach Hood Tank line ($65) adds five new looks, two of which are perfect for Spring, and three of which are perfect for everyday wear. Like their first line of sleeveless hoodies, these are constructed with a fitted mesh material (64% nylon, 19% cotton, and 17% spandex). Staying close to your body, it shows off your chest muscles while leaving your biceps exposed, and making sure that you turn heads, no matter what the season.

New additions to the PUMP! Beach Hood Tank Line include a black, white, and grey hooded tank. The black look is entirely black, except for the brand name printed small on the hood’s drawstrings. The grey hoodie is accented with a white trim around the arms, as well as the hood’s exterior. The white Beach Hood Tank is nearly all white. This look is contrasted with black seams around the arms, drawing eyes to the muscles that lie underneath the shirt, making it a perfect addition to a wardrobe that you want to show off in.

For a brighter, more upbeat PUMP! look, the Beach Hood Tank is also available in their Shock Wave and Aqua styles. Taking the same color contrasts as their respective underwear looks (the blue has yellow colorblocking details, while the green has blue accents), these two hoodies up their sportiness and casual attitude at the same time, and can transition from being gymwear to streetwear easily (just make sure you go out in a clean hoodie!).

The PUMP! Beach Hood Tank is available in sizes S – XL.

Which new PUMP! Beach Hood Tank would you wear 24/7 around the house? Is mesh becoming more common in your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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